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 Blended Learning

Discover why Blended Learning is the teaching model which obtains the best results.

E-Learning platforms.

Discover how e-learning platforms have a positive impact on the educational process.

E-learning Trends

Discover even more about the advantages of e-learning.

Innovation as a Driving Force for Change

Innovation as a Driving Force for Change This is not the first time for us to talk about Voluxion Pro here. Previously, we explained specific factors that showed its potential. For example, its ability to streamline the comprehensive management of our e-learning...

Get the most out of e-learning training CAE

As we have seen in the previous posts, each student has a different pace and way of learning. E-Learning training and blended learning is the perfect match to create training environments adapted to students’ learning preferences and needs. This time of year makes it...

CAE method to detailed reports in Moodle

CAE DEVELOPS A METHOD TO GENERATE DETAILED REPORTS FOR LINGUISTIC COMPETENCES OF DEXWAY COURSES IN MOODLE. In our eagerness to stay one step ahead in the development of eLearning solutions to meet our clients’ needs, Computer Aided ELearning (CAE) has developed a new...

NEW LMS environment

Computer Aided ELearning (CAE) continues innovating to offer the best eLearning solutions. We have developed a new visual environment for our LMS Voluxion training platform that provides greater functionality and improves usability as well as a more intuitive and...