CAE Digital Language Book


E-learning providers specialized in labs, online and blended language teaching

CAE’s specialized language course division offers the educational digital book for languages in order to meet the different language training needs of training centers.. With CAE digital book, universities, schools and training institutions can bring a technological touchto the paper-based material they are used to.

CAE language digital books are available as a classroom solution with LMS or SCORM license for your Moodle e-learning platform or any other platform compatible with this standard.



Access the contents of CAE digital book from the browser of any device connected to the Internet

Available with the LMS (turnkey solution): Verxact


Offline access – APP. Access to courses without the need for Internet (with previous download).

digital book

Languages and levels available



4 languages available

English, French, German and Spanish.


Aligned with the main standards

Common European Framework of Reference for languages.


A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

A1-C1 in English, French, German and Spanish.


Auto-evaluation test in each unit.

Digital book for all your training needs

CAE digital books are structured to develop language skills using a communicative approach and can be applied to even the most traditional classrooms.

Digital language books developed as a complement to face-to-face training. The usual book with a dynamic approach and updated to digital times.

digital book

Language immersion lessons



Digital books include videos, exercises, flashcards, e-books

Students learn in the same way they learnt their native language.


Structured learning

Learn in realistic contexts. The visually attractive material immerses the user in the learning experience and authentic language use, promoting interaction and participation through the varied activities.


Use of the language from day one

Students use the language they are learning right from the start, although they will have help in their mother tongue throughout the first levels.


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