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Educational solutions for training centres

In an increasingly competitive market, standing out is essential.

At CAE – Computer Aided e-learning – we offer an innovative language learning methodology which has been established over time, making it a benchmark, today being the most advanced language learning solution on the market. It is a complete training solution through a method which has combined the benefits of presential training courses with the advantages of online training courses since 1981.



The Classroom Teacher Software is a complement of the Dexway Flipped Classroom Method, CAE’s language specialist division.
The Classroom Teacher is the best system for interactive courses in classrooms by teachers. Each teacher can determine or pre-configure materials and / or parts of the course they want to teach in their classes and / or just run the advanced functionality that determines which parts of the course should be taught in class in terms of results and therefore needs.



It allows the teachers to analyze their student group and depending on their results to identify needs, work your weaknesses and / or deficiencies in class attendance. It Includes Online kit of reinforcement activities.


A complete online kit with additional strengthening exercises included in Dexway course, designed topractice and work on concrete objectives based on student needs.



It is a complete manual for teachers that includes teaching materials for classes. The best complement for educators in the market. A method blended learning format, which provides current and complete resources for teachers to use in classrooms.

Course specially structured to develop the language skills of students with a communicative approach and applied, ie that it prioritizes the functional aspects of language. Students learn the language naturally and progressively.



Online educational platform with infinite capabilities for comprehensive learning management. Allows customization tailored to the image of the school, the courses freely configured, create lists of monitoring and evolution, create groups, and more. The most complete educational management platform, designed with all our know-how and own technologists to provide integrated management of all processes related to the administration and management training: registration, users, students, courses, calendars, schedules , reports …

Benefits of the method

At dexway, CAE’s specialised language division, we offer a full variety of training courses with different formats: online, blended and presential with the dexway methodology, with the aim of school teachers being able to offer quality language training to their students.

With the Dexway methodology, teachers may complete their language study plan, integrating an interactive method of learning English.


A multichannel method adapted to the current needs of the market. Blended learning combines the best of online and presential learning, making this a complete and effective method when learning new languages. Students will learn with the best methodology, through practical, modern, quality training.


Bring added value to your training centre with the innovative dexway methodology. It is a form of learning which will allow you to stand out from your competitors, and your clients/ students will appreciate this when choosing your centre to learn languages.


Mixed training is more effective than presential training. Combining online training courses with presential training courses will allow you to save costs and time. You will be able to have more groups of students and double the work of your centre’s teachers.


You will have innovative, modern content at your disposal. This will offer the student double assistance, firstly from the teacher in presential classes, and secondly from the multimedia space where they will supplement, practice and improve what they have learned in the classroom.


Orient your action plan towards excellent management, with the leading method in the language training market. It is a methodology which will also allow you to easily measure results and identify new opportunities for your business.


You will offer your clients/ students a full 360º training experience through a structured method, progressive and active learning, with content and activities for every day which will allow them to confront any challenge in language in either their personal or professional life.


Dexway training courses will provide you with the assurance of a methodology tested by education centres as well as in Secondary Education and Higher Education. Our experience and know how in training projects in education centres and applied teaching techniques in Secondary Education allows us to treat language training from a rigorous perspective which aims for academic excellence while encouraging students to progress in their learning.


It is a method which aids a complete learning from 0 to 100% of the subject