Do you need an online/offline language training course? Do you need to improve your language laboratories by installing the best technology? We have the perfect solution that will enrich your classroom training. We will set up an online educational language platform where you will be able to manage enrolments and cancellations, obtain reports and manage follow-ups online and offline. A virtual environment where students will be able to access additional material, share experiences and practice as a group; the possibilities are endless. You decide how and to what extent you want to upgrade your language training.

Social  3.0 learning just as you want it!


Personalize your courses and content



Your very own Educational Language Community. Include educational language courses and materials.

Main features of our LMS custom languages are:

  • VIRTUAL CAMPUS: With an interactive web environment. You can enrol and manage students, provide them with additional material, upload tests, tasks, assessments, offer forums, obtain progress reports…
  • STUDENTS’ COMMUNITY: It can either be private (specifically for the students of your center) or open to other language communities.

What is included?

  • MEETING ROOMS: Meeting students can convene to discuss any subject of their choice. Students of all levels connected by videoconference.
  • POSTS BOARD: They may throw questions, meet and help each other through the message board, a perfect example of collaborative learning.
  • PARTNERS AND LISTS OF FRIENDS: In the community all students can see their profiles, contact, friends … create a social network just for you.
  • WALL OF QUESTIONS: A section for students to help each other on matters of language.
  • DISCUSSION: Space to discuss specific issues and where rewards rate and more participatory and more contribute to the Community.
  • REPUTATION: Awards and achievements: You can set up systems to encourage students, reward the most participatory, help progress…



  • LIVE CLASSES: Go that bit further and complement your training with live classes online, either via videoconference or via a telephone, integrating a VCR into your Community. Our VCR allows you to control the whole process as tutors can use a script, take notes and measure time.
  • ONE2ONE SERVICE: You can also answer students’ questions via videoconference. A simple yet advanced way of improving the services that you provide to your students.



You can upload your own additional supporting materials or improve the ones that you have with CAE materials, available from any mobile device such as iPads and other tablets.

What is included?

This educational platform includes all the advantages of our customized language LMS, and includes the following features:

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS CAE ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN AND SPANISH: We have materials at all levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You decide if you need a  particular course materials, an entire level or even all level materials. Types: Vocabulary, MP3 audiobook Videos, Channel (radio, tv, karaoke …)

PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: We have also, professional English materials with specific vocabulary of basic, intermediate and advanced English. You can choose the complete package or course or level you need. We have materials of business English, business administration, tourism, etc. Types: Vocabulary, audiobook in MP3, Videos …

SCORM CONTENT WITH ONLINE: We have scorm format content of English, Spanish, German and French courses as both levels: level testing with or without assessment of pronunciation; test preparation official certifications, specific modules English (jewelers, opticians, boats, offices, supermarkets …).



A language community for language training centers

  • Complete your  presential classroom with our language laboratories. The virtual and interactive educational environment has been designed explicitly for languages by a leading eLearning company with 35 years of experience.
  • Improve and expand your training services and content (PDF…) Additional material (PDF manuals, grammar, tests, voice recognition, flashcards, MP3 audiobooks, and courses in SCORM format)
  • Motivate and drive student loyalty in a versatile and intuitive learning environment. They will be constantly connected to the center, receiving news, updates, or anything else that you wish.
  • Make your training more flexible. Allow your students to study online/offline, with progress reports available any time and any place.
  • Support and guidance provided by a company of experts in training and language e-learning technology.