Easily Customize your Training

With Voluxion educational platform you can customize your solution choosing those additional services that fits your needs. From the basic to step into e-learning with an LMS (Learning Management System) in which students, teachers will be able to manage, upload their courses, etc. To the most advanced, a LCMS (Learning Content Management System) where you will be able to design your own teaching content, courses, test and which incorporates many useful features for your language school.

Select our Additional Services as you Need Them for a Progressively Growing

virtual classrrooms

Fully integrated Virtual Classrooms

Teach integrated live classes with virtual classrooms, teaching virtual classes to individuals or groups as if it were in a real classroom. With virtual whiteboard to share documents, videos, exercises or any application. You can also record your classes.

Compatible with Skype and telephony.

Create your own content and courses

Desing customised courses according to SCORM/AICC standards, using the content developed in your centre in any format.

Upload documents in a variety of formats, videos or links as a complement to your courses.

cae crea contenidos

creacion de test lms

Create your personalized test and evaluate your students through the platform

Create your own partial and final test under IMS / QTI standard with multiple question formats.

Save time correcting exams and exercises with automated tracking and evaluation of students:

  • Detailed vision of the concrete objectives which the course intends to achieve.
  • Display the main objectives which were obtained in each lesson.
  • The teacher identifies the deficiencies within the groups in order to work on them in the face to face classes.
  • Automatic suggestions of what points it might be necessary to revise in the classroom.

Create your own student community and conversation groups

Create your own community for students where they can share knowledge and life experiences, encouraging social learning and collaboration. A social network exclusive to your academy: messageboard, conversation threads, question wall, classmate lists, etc.

Organise conversation groups to practice the language with students and teachers. You can do this at any time from the platform with  just one click. Study groups accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

materiales recursos

Interactive content Packs and language courses as a complement

Language content in packs or complete courses to complement the teaching/learning at your centre. Through an effective methodology with more than 2.5 million learners across the world. Content structured to follow the CEFR, available in 8 different languages to study from level A1 to C1 (C2 version in British English). Specific content and content for official exam preparation.

Voluxion will Help to Improve and Promote your Training