Here you can find useful information (whitepapers, case studies) and updates about CAE, leading learning experts in the training sector. CAE is specialized in educational projects: online/offline, blended learning and Learning Manager Systems/LCMS.


CAE Resources: The Success of blended learning ebook

eBook: The Success of Blended Learning

Discover why Blended Learning is the teaching model which obtains the best results.

Elearning Platforms ebook

eBook: E-learning Platforms

How learning platforms have a positive impact on the educational process.

Trends in the elearning sector ebook

eBook: Trends in the e-learning sector

Discover the new trends: technology, way of learning, platform content, analysis…

Success stories: Station Rotation Lab Ebook

eBook: Success Stories "Station Rotation Lab"

Everything that you must know about Station Rotation labs.

White Paper about language centers

[White Paper] The Language Centers and the New Technology

Our specialists in digital transformation analyze the language center sector.

Flipped Classrom benefits ebook

eBook: Advantages of a Flipped Classroom for face-to-face teaching

The educational strategy that triumphs around the world: how to implement it?

The CAE Blog

Blended learning at university

Blended learning at university

It is essential for universities to offer flexible teaching plans. Is the education sector going to change by offering blended learning at university?