Academy Online Pack

Dexway Academy LMS +SCORM

60 $/€ per course | PACK 25 courses (SCORM licenses)

12 months. (*) Check conditions.


* Conditions:

60$/€ per course. 25 courses pack. 12 months to use them.

pencil iconDexway Academy Courses + LMS

25 SCORM licenses from Dexway Academy  courses with elearning platform.

All languages ​​include placement tests.

8 languages available. Choose between:

  • Dexway English/American Academy Courses | Dual English UK/US
  • Dexway Français Acadèmie
  • Dexway Español Academia
  • Dexway Deutsch Akademie

A1-C1 CEFR (455 hours). Each language is divided into 13 courses of 35 hours each.


  • Dexway Russian (A1, A2)
  • Dexway Italiano (A1, A2)
  • Dexway Português- brasileiro (A1, A2)

A1-A2 CEFR (120 hours). Each language is divided into 4 courses of 30 hours each.


Each course has 7 units and each unit has an average of 4 Lessons, with an average duration of 5 hours per unit.

Features: Conversation Groups, voice recognition, self-assesment, 100 % interactivity and immersion, Dictionary Collins (within the course).