Voluxion Classroom Video conference

30 Rooms Package. Monthly payment.Annual periode.
625 hours/sessions. (*) Check conditions of Purchase.

Unlimited host-teachers.

Web video conference specialized in education: Schools K-12, Vocational and Technical Schools and University with everything they need to open virtual classrooms, manage them and offer distance education or blended learning.


Video conference rooms for education with management center to add, delete or edit rooms or passes, generate reports or download the necessary to integrate the video conference in your own platform.

The plan incluides:

30 rooms package up to 625 hours/sessions.

LTI: If need it, easily integrate your virtual rooms in your LMS.

No installation required.

Each room includes:

  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Drag and Drop File repository (empty, for your materials)
  • Video & audio HD
  • Screensharing options
  • User List & Personal ID
  • Public and private chat with emojis
  • Teacher-Student roles
  • 12 feedback actions
  • Guest passes for groups or personal passes
  • Group classes/sessions or one2one with waiting room and queue system (classes, meetings, webinars)
  • Full screen and gallery view


(*) Monthly payment. Annual contract: 125 € / $ - Package of 30 rooms - 625 hours (or connections of the students to the virtual classrooms). 625 simultaneous students maximum.
From 625 hours/sessions, you can continue using the virtual classroom; the hour will be billing at 0.20 $/€ hour or session per student.

If you have any doubts, please check our frequenlty asked questions.