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Voluxion is the educational platform with the most advanced training technology for online learning and online/offline classrooms and laboratories. It has been developed by CAE to offer all the services that are related to e-learning project management and to guarantee the most complete user experience for students.

CAE has 35 years of experience in developing training solutions. After years of continuous improvements and innovation, we introduce you to Voluxion, the most advanced educational platform with an advanced virtual environment that includes all the CAE technology in one educational solution.



The most complete training administration platform designed by our  IT specialists, using our know-how and experience to offer complete administration of all processes related to training management such as: enrolments, users, students, courses, content libraries, tutors, supervisors, calendars, timetables, groups, access, statements, certificates, reports etc.

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  • User-adjustable, multilingual and multi-tenant: the platform can be adapted to the corporate image of your organization and elements can be modified according to your taste. As it is multilingual you can use the language that you want. In addition you can create diverse LMS websites with different identities and domains with no additional installations.
  • Course subscriptions: administrate orders, pre-registrations and automatic registrations by assigning them to groups and courses.
  • Role management: establish different roles depending on your needs: Administrators, tutors, supervisors and students.
  • Automated notifications: configure automatic notifications to remind and motivate students. We guarantee the creation and sending of more than 10,000 emails per session (without being considered SPAM).
  • Communication management: administrate globally or individually the emails that students send to tutors without having to access each and every URL. Access direct from the home screen to forums, news, agendas and other useful content.
  • Register of additional actions: find out what actions tutors have completed or remain outstanding for each student.
  • Reports and control: create and schedule periodic or instantaneous reports, summarized or in full, and export in PDF or CSV, alongside exhaustive student tracking.
  • Organization: create as many personalized training plans as you need with optional pre-established timetables. The calendar allows you to schedule the times and days of each group of participants.
  • Course combination: immediately create training activities by combining courses regardless of the SCROM of the manufacturer and with no programming required.
  • Content import: import courses from any supplier with AICC, SCORM (1.1 and 1.2).
  • Exclusive content design: you can use content developed by your organization in any format to adjust to the SCORM standard.
  • Exclusive assessment system: personalise your own assessment system. Create as many multiple choice questions as you need.
  • File repository: store and keep all the information or documentation needed for training sessions.
  • LDAP: check user authentication through LDAP.
  • Downloadable certificates: establish parameters to generate certificate: course progress, training activity times, duration, average grade etc.
  • Ecommerce: enable direct payment via credit card or back transfer.
  • Completely scalable: there is no limit to the number of courses per student or to the number of students per course.


Used to teach live classes, offer technical support, carry out online presentations or meetings and enhance internal and external communication. It is a configurable virtual classroom with the highest quality blackboard, chat, audio and webcam. It is configurable and multi-platform and has been integrated into the web environment in the most interactive way possible.

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  • Configurable: establish virtual classes and determine if they are mandatory or not. The student’s time zone can be automatically visualized and the assigned URLs can be partially or globally administrated.
  • Total integration: the virtual classroom is perfectly integrated into the eLearning platform. Furthermore it is possible to join multimedia courses and combine online training with classroom-based training.
  • Maximum compatibility: access the virtual classrooms from any device.
  • Virtual blackboard: show all attendees any type of file (image, video, Word, PowerPoint, PDF…) without them needing to install the application themselves.
  • Share applications: allow users to see any element on your desktop and interact with any program or software that’s open.
  • File repository: store and share additional materials and  even protect the contents.
  • Performance assessment: carry out surveys or questionnaires during the session, with the possibility of obtaining reports or statistics with answers from all participants.
  • Session recording: record every session and store it in any of the following formats: AVI, WMV, Flash and MP4. Both those who did and didn’t attend the session are able to download and reproduce the sessions at any time.
  • Whiteboard script: prepare your classes or meeting with all of the elements required to ensure quick functioning.


Offers collaborative training with resources that guarantee a 3.0 learning experience, putting socialization and knowledge sharing between students of the same or different centers (according to your preference) to the foreground. Students are able to get in touch and share experiences through the 3.0 educational platform. Each course has  a community and each student can subscribe to a certain amount of communities depending on the courses that they’re enrolled in.

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  • Meeting rooms: students can start meeting rooms in their Community. This is how we promote cooperative learning: students share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Achievement: students can win prizes depending on the progress of their course and their level of participation  in the Community.
  • User reputation: depending on how  participative they are in the Community, students receive a score which shows the rest of the students their reputation or credibility in the training area.
  • Messages: students can send direct messages to others in their Community which makes communication between students of the same subject even easier.


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