A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for delivering online educational technology such as courses and training programs with easy administration and reporting features. Because it is a user-friendly software, employees of companies can use it without having a special training.

Learning management system lms

Benefits a learning management system will offer include:

  • Personalizable interface that allows using company branding
  • Full administrative control which makes it possible to assign roles and set restrictions
  • Global community building that consists of current and former students and professors
  • Courses design based on pre-build content or custom materials that can be uploaded in various formats (PDFs, MP3, videos, and more)
  • Virtual classrooms that allow a use of whiteboard for screen share and online lecturing
  • Class monitoring and evaluation that provides detailed objectives for the week and a progress report for each student
  • Test creation and grading available in manual and automated modes

The benefits that LMS combined with ease of use makes this software suitable for different institutions. It makes it much simpler to deliver online courses and programs or complement in-person classes with online activities.

#1 LMS for Colleges and Universities

The primary users of learning management system are colleges and universities. The number of online classes increases each year. Therefore, to accommodate the demand for open online education, more schools every day are looking into implementing learning training systems. Schools that offer language training courses has been successfully using LMS for years because of its benefits. Whether your university offers credit (ESOL) or non-credit (continuing education) language courses, learning management system is designed to deliver easy management and to improve the learning experience and academic achievements of your students.

Learning management system lms

#2 LMS for Language training centers

Language training centers are the heaviest users of a learning management system. Learning a second language today is not an option but rather a requirement; thus, language courses are in demand. Every day students enroll in language courses to learn a different language for pleasure or as a necessity. Before academies could implement a learning management system in their training, there were a limited number of classes they could offer. With LMS language schools can provide almost unlimited classes. It is possible because the learning management software can host multiple classes at a time. Also, schools can use LMS for fully online, blended, or flipped classes which give variety to students and increases enrollment as a result.

#3 LMS for Libraries

Libraries are other institutions that benefit from learning management systems. Because many resources are located online, they may find it hard to attract visitors. By implementing a learning management system for language training, they can capture more guests and earn additional income.

#4 LMS for Companies

More companies every day expand to international markets; therefore looking for ways to provide language training for their employees. In some cases, it can become an additional burdensome task, that can also be quite expensive to do. Instead of searching for tutors and courses, many companies choose to implement LMS instead. It offers the benefits of in-house training without sacrificing the quality of education.

#5 LMS for penitentiary institutions and inmate educational centers

One of the biggest benefits of LMS for education is that it does not require the internet, making it a perfect solution in situations where there is no Internet. For example, such places include detention centers and penitentiary institutions. Moreover, many of them have libraries and various of education programs available. The ability to operate without connecting to World Wide Web makes learning management systems the best way to provide educational services in these instances.
As we can see, learning management system can be successfully implemented by many companies, not only schools. Whether your need to create and deliver bespoke language courses as a language training center, provide language education for your employees, or offer Internet-free education solutions, LMS can fulfill all the requirements and meet your needs. Also, the software is highly customizable, which makes it number one choice for educational software across different industries.

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