Apps for your language courses

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning also known as M-learning refers to the use of mobile applications to access e-learning courses (online, blended, labs). The multi-device apps allow a much more flexible study where and when the teacher decides. In this way, the rhythm adapts to the needs and possibilities of each student.


How Mobile Learning contributes to language learning?

Smartphones and tablets allow students and teachers to access courses in a much more personalized way offering a very positive impact on learning. For example, the relationship of closeness and the high use  increases the participation of students since it offers a high level of concentration and individualization of learning in less time retention and association of more concepts.

In addition, mobile learning favors linguistic immersion by allowing students to access courses at any time designated by the tutor, becoming able to use them both during school periods and during leisure time (being able to offer enjoyable content: music, videos , magazines, karaokes, word searches …). With mobile apps to learn languages you can achieve a 100% linguistic immersion.


The best way to get your language courses in and outside of class.
With a single click and synchronized, It allows access to your content in offline mode.

Apps para tabletas en el colegios




Available for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

Your application will be available on the main operating systems so that your students can download their courses on their favorite devices.

With the download of contents, students can take their courses from anywhere without worrying about their data or having to find a WiFi network.




Multi-device apps

Applications available for smartphones, tablets and computers connected to the network.

The apps increase the linguistic immersion of the courses up to 100% by allowing permanent access to the library of their resources: music, videos, and magazines to practice throughout the day.

Language E-Learning

Gamification in education is an upward trend that encourages participation and maintains the interest of students through the mechanics of games, such as rewards or rankings.

Microlearning, also called instant learning for its brevity. Its specialization and the immediacy with which knowledge is acquired allows the educational experience to be totally personalized.

With access to an online community students can practice the language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Increase your participation and improve your results.


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