Professional training solutions for business

We help corporates adapt the traditional learning system to the online methodology through implementation, function and monitoring, through the different resources that we offer. 

Language courses for your staff to participate in life-long learning

Life-long LEARNING

Our online and offline educational solutions for training organizations and large public or private companies have an extensive catalogue tailored to the needs of each organization. 


  • Language training (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian…).

Each learning project offers training organizations a wide range of tools and resources to generate dynamic and enjoyable activities.

In addition to providing the most appropriate knowledge and skills to improve the competitiveness of large public or private companies, learning becomes a particularly motivating factor that helps to build loyalty among your staff, improve their performance and strengthen their commitment to the organization.

Increase talent in your workforce by offering them new skills

Through e-learning, employees improve their skills and competencies, using them correctly and feeling motivated

Increase talent in you workforce by offering them new skills

Through e-learning, employees improve their skills and competencies, using them correctly and feeling motivated.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Assessment of writing and speaking tasks, oral and written role-play with AI, or virtual AI Tutor.


Professional training solutions for businesses offer you greater flexibility when training your team. 24/7.

Accesibility and mobility

Your employees will be able to access the educational platform or online course at any time.


Training and monitoring

Educational platforms or LMS assist businesses in the management of human training.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff, improving their competencies.


Improve employee's soft skills

Language courses that focus specifically on soft skills. Dealing with typical situations.

The latest in technology

CAE offers you the latest technology adapted to the current needs of businesses.

Globalization of Training

E-learning through educational platforms will allow you to train your employees on a massive scale at international level.


Strengthening of knowledge

E-learning improves the knowledge of businesses, it encourages the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.

Save time and costs

Through professional training solutions you will be able to save training costs. Without the costs of logistics.


Quality Guarantee

Our technology is constantly being developed guaranteeing quality educational solutions for business.

Quality professional training solutions


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Dictionary of e-learning terms

Dictionary of e-learning terms

E-learning is currently the most widespread training method for business and educational organisations. It can be defined as a learning process that is carried out online using digital media. It is also called online training, virtual teaching, tele-training or...