Effective Training Solutions for schools & universities

Preparing students for a globalised world is not a simple task, but thanks to the new training solutions, LMS (Learning Management System), language multimedia content with SCORM / AICC format, LCMS (Learning Content Management System), face to face training, online learning and blended learning, the learning system is much more complete and easy.


A specialized educational platform for schools and universities. Voluxion offers a complete academic management, content and course creation, student tracking, etc.


Effective and complete method designed for students to learn a language through complete language immersion. A learning method which provides an interactive tool that encourages student participation.


Exclusive methodology accompanied with our language courses and teaching materials, to combine online and face to face learning. Students progress much faster and more effectively.


Complete online courses with a complete learning method that helps students learn in an easy and entertaining way while improving their motivation and engagement, ultimately  achieving better results and language development.

Training solutions for a bright future

Prepare your students with the most innovative and effective e-learning technology and cover all the expectations of the digital natives generation

Training solutions for online education

100% flexible solutions adapted to your growing needs

We provide:

✔ Learning platforms for schools
✔ Language multimedia content –  SCORM format for schools
✔ Language courses for schools: Dexway English K-12, Dexway Academy
✔ Language Labs software por schools
✔ Blended learning for schools
✔ Blended learning approach for schools
✔ Language in-class learning for schools and reinforcement for outside the classroom

  K-12, Primary, Secondary, High School


✔ Learning platforms for universties
✔ Language multimedia content –  SCORM format for universities
✔ Language courses for universities: Dexway Certificate
✔ Language Labs software for universities
✔ Blended learning for universities
✔ Blended learning approach for universities
✔ Video conference for universities (flipped classroom, 100% online classes)

 Private Universities, Public Universities, Technical Schools, Community colleges