Training solutions for schools and universities

Combining face-to-face, online and blended learning training, thanks to educational solutions for primary, secondary and higher education

Preparing students for a globalised world is not a simple task, but thanks to the new training solutions, LMS (Learning Management System), language multimedia content with SCORM / AICC format, LCMS (Learning Content Management System), face to face training, online learning and blended learning, the learning system is much more complete and easy.

Effective Training Solutions for schools & universities


specialized educational platform for schools and universities. Voluxion offers a complete academic management, content and course creation, student tracking, etc.

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In-person methodology for secondary, pre-university and university classrooms that coincides with the school year. Continuous personalised pedagogical advice for each institution with periodic progress reviews and recommendations for improvements. Advance inside and outside the classroom.

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Online/offline CAE language labs. Teachers have individualized monitoring and easily accessible reports. Encourage student participation and interaction. A tool for the language lab format when you contract licenses per workstation.

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Modalidades e-learning para educación

Face to face classrooms

Dexway In Person courses focus learning on linguistic objectives, following the educational curriculum with courses for secondary, pre-university and university. A1-C1 CEFR.


Comprehensive e-learning solution to digitally support language training with the “learning by doing” methodology.


Blended learning

The combined (or mixed) method is an effective way to teach languages ​​progressively and flexibly through practice. In the Dexway course catalogue you will find multiple versions that adapt to this hybrid methodology.



The flipped classroom gives a twist to the traditional way of teaching: the presentations are left outside the classroom, and the time in class is used to practice and resolve doubts.

Language laboratories

Language laboratories for the in-person teaching of languages, IT or design. This methodology optimises the computer resources of the educational centre.

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