Training solutions for schools and universities

Preparing students for a globalised world is not a simple task, but thanks to the new training solutions, LMS (Learning Management System), language multimedia content with SCORM / AICC format, LCMS (Learning Content Management System), face to face training, online learning and blended learning, the learning system is much more complete and easy.

Effective Training Solutions for schools & universities

Educational platforms

 We offer a complete academic management, content and course creation, etc.

Digital whiteboard

In-person methodology for secondary, pre-university and university classrooms that coincides with the school year.

Language Labs

Online/offline CAE language labs. Teachers have individualized monitoring and easily accessible reports.


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E-learning modalities for education

Face to face classrooms

Dexway In Person courses focus learning on linguistic objectives, following the educational curriculum with courses for secondary, pre-university and university. A1-C1 CEFR.


Comprehensive e-learning solution to digitally support language training with the “learning by doing” methodology.


Blended learning

The combined (or mixed) method is an effective way to teach languages ​​progressively and flexibly through practice. In the Dexway course catalogue you will find multiple versions that adapt to this hybrid methodology.



The flipped classroom gives a twist to the traditional way of teaching: the presentations are left outside the classroom, and the time in class is used to practice and resolve doubts.

Language laboratories

Language laboratories for the in-person teaching of languages, IT or design. This methodology optimises the computer resources of the educational centre.


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Dictionary of e-learning terms

Dictionary of e-learning terms

E-learning is currently the most widespread training method for business and educational organisations. It can be defined as a learning process that is carried out online using digital media. It is also called online training, virtual teaching, tele-training or...