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At LearningHUB CAE we apply the latest technology in artificial intelligence to provide the largest network of course authors and developers around the world with the tools to revolutionise education.

Does your company or educational centre need a specific course?

We connect your company or educational centre with online courses so that you can offer the best training available to develop the skills of your employees or students.

Create your course with our authoring tools

Intuitive tools that allow you to create interactive content that integrates AI functionalities for the personalisation and adaptability of learning. A platform for online courses and training.

Take your courses even further

Become part of an online catalogue where authors can publish their courses and educational institutions and companies can purchase them easily. Let us open the doors to a B2B market for you.

Grow with our experience and know-how

Take advantage of our affiliations with educational institutions and our experience in e-learning development and course distribution. All the help you need to sell your courses.

How to monetise your knowledge

New audiences for your courses: a platform to sell online courses to a network of public and private educational institutions and centres


A platform to create and sell courses

Platform to create and sell courses

The tools you need to sell more

CAE’s technology is at your disposal to help you create the most interactive and effective courses simply and intuitively. Develop your course on our platform and sell online courses with ease.

Platform to sell online courses

Join a professional marketplace

For expert authors who want to monetise their knowledge through our B2B network and reach corporate and academic clients. Sell ​​to new audiences with LearningHUB CAE.

Publish your courses in a professional marketplace

Steady income

Earn a steady income from student access to your lessons. Both for content creators/authors and co-authors (creative designers, specialists).

If you have a brilliant idea you want to develop into an interactive course… Contact us!

With over 40 years of experience, we’re here to help.


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