LMS Educational Platform to easily manage your training

Easily Manage your training. Design your own training content and courses

What is an LMS/LCMS?

An LMS Educational Platform acts as a central organizing center that enables you to manage all administration, learning, teaching and assessment in one place

What is SCORM content?

SCORM format is an acronym formed by “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”, a set of standards and specifications that allows creating structured pedagogical objects.

Learning Management System Benefits


All your training is possible in one place

24/7 Virtual Campus

Optimization of teacher schedules


Facilitates communication between students and teachers


Your content always at hand

Automatic evaluation, real-time feedback

Monitoring and tracking

Increase student participation

LMS Educational Platform (Voluxion Pro):


Customizable, multilingual and multi-tenant


Manage all your training and communication through the LMS/LCMS


Easily track and evaluate your students


Use all your language school materials


Organise easily your weekly classes


Virtual Classroom integrated for teaching online classes

LMS Educational Platform Voluxion Pro

Voluxion Pro is the LMS/LCMS develop by CAE with innovative features to ensure high quality in your online trainings

Powerful Virtual Campus for your training center

Linked to your students 365 a year