Teaching online courses in languages, IT or other disciplines is no longer a novelty in educational institutions, training organizations and large companies, since e-learning education has many advantages in addition to being an effective, fast and reliable method for learning.

However, e-learning education or online training requires time management skills, self-discipline, and strong motivation from its students to successfully complete e-learning courses. For this reason, it is very important to transmit to both students in the educational sector and to the human teams of organizations some advice that will help them focus and positively achieve the objectives of the online course.

e-learning education


# 1 Understand how the e-learning education method works and its objectives

Online courses are not an easier educational solution to learn but a better and more complete one. To obtain the desired results they require time, concentration when it comes to online lessons and fully commit to this learning process just as we would do with a traditional offline course.

It is also important to be a technological user to understand how all the resources of the educational platform work and thus make the most of it, while being a participant in the virtual classroom.


# 2 Good internet connection

Technological failures can occur at any time, but if they constantly take place, concentration will be lost and the performance in the course will not be the same. Reliable access and a good Internet connection allow a positive experience in online training and make the most of the course.


# 3 Have a suitable environment for online study

It is important to find a suitable place when studying online, an environment in which the student feels comfortable, calm and free from distractions. We must not be connected to other websites, social networks, etc; and it is even convenient to turn off the mobile phone at the time of study for maximum concentration. Distractions and interruptions should be avoided during the time we dedicate to the online course.


# 4 Identify learning goals and objectives

The objectives of an online course must be very clear. They are ordered and structured courses that allow the student to perfectly organize the steps to take through lessons or units. Moreover, online courses have partial evaluations and final tests with a marked calendar, so it is very important to be clear about what goals must be achieved to meet those deadlines.


# 5 Build a study plan

A study plan is essential for online learning, although e-learning courses include a calendar or timing, it is important to organize time very well. You must plan in advance the deadlines for the delivery of exercises or to carry out an evaluation and never leave it for the last minute. Building a parallel calendar including pending tasks, time limits and exercises to do can be a great support to keep the online course up to date and not miss a thing.


# 6 Do not hesitate, always ask for help when necessary

As we would do in a traditional class, where we would raise our hands to ask the teacher any questions, in an online course the same should be done and we should ask the online tutor any questions we have. If help is not requested and doubts are not cleared up, students may fall behind in the online course and it will be more difficult to stay up to date in the course. Questions can help others who have similar difficulties, since online courses favor collaborative learning.

Furthermore, it is also positive that the students stay in touch with the tutor since it is a good way to get an idea of ​​the overall effectiveness of the online course.


# 7 Browse, review, repeat

Regular reviews and repetitions of the lessons or units that the student has already seen in the course will not only improve their memory, but will also help them to better understand what they are learning. It is also positive to share these reviews with other classmates through the virtual classroom and group conversations since they enrich what they have learned and their motivation increases.


# 8 Take breaks

It is not convenient to take too many lessons in a row as performance will decrease. This is why organization and planning is so important that you don’t have to get into too many lessons together and in a hurry. It is important to take breaks from the online study changing the scenery, taking a walk, disconnecting to renew energy and clear your mind before continuing with the course.


# 9 Participate in the virtual classroom

E-learning education is not just individual learning in isolation. It offers connection between students, promoting social, group and collaborative learning through the virtual classroom to express themselves, share doubts and experiences. It is important to be an active participant in online discussions, contributing new ideas and learning from others, always being respectful of what is said.


# 10 Always active motivation

We must not underestimate the effort necessary to fully commit to the completion of an online course, therefore it is essential to motivate students while keeping them committed to the e-learning experience. It is necessary to maintain a positive attitude towards achieving objectives and goals.


On balance, both educational institutions and large companies should decide to approach their training solutions from an online perspective. in addition to taking great care of the online content of their courses, choosing a trusted provider and the educational platforms in which they are taught so that everything flows correctly, They should pass on all of these tips to their users so they can make the most of their learning.


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