British English, American English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese Courses

Dexway, CAE’s division specialized in language learning, offers the most complete and effective educational solutions in order to meet the different needs of language training organizations, large companies, organizations and/or schools, universities and training centers.

Dexway language courses have a method to learn languages that really works

Free Advisory

8 languages available

8 languages available

  • 8 languages: English (USA / UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian.
  • Aligned with the CEFR standard and official exams (Cambridge, TOEFL, DELF-DALF, Goethe …).
  • A1 to C1 levels in English, French, German and Spanish. A1 and A2 levels in Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian.

Dexway Authoring Tool

  • Subscription service that includes the only authoring tool specialized on languages.
  • Customize courses and tailor them to suit different areas of interest or specific learning needs.
  • Dexway Authoring Tool provides access to Dexway’s entire resource library and R&D.
Dexway Authoring Tool
level test and evaluation

Level test and evaluation

  • Before starting the course, students do a hit test which indicates the level that best suits their language skills.
  • Also available during the course progress test and a final test to see the progress of each student.
  • Progress test: Evaluate the student progress in each unit. (Available for English, French, German and Spanish courses).
  • Final test: tests performed at the end of the course to consolidate the knowledge acquired (Available for all languages).

Student monitoring and evaluation in real time

  • The innovative functionality of Dexway Analytics enriches courses methodology offering to both teachers and students a more detailed vision of the specific objectives that each course proposes to achieve.
  • Allows teachers to identify the specific language objetives that each student or group of students need to reinforce.
student monitoring
immersion languages

Immersion lessons

  • Dexway courses include videos, activities and exercises that allow students to learn the same way they learned their native language.Structured learning, in a real context, in a visual way that immerses the students in the learning and use of language, interacting and participating in dialogues.
  • The students use the new language from the beginning. However, they have help in their native language for the first levels.

Group conversation

  • At any time, from the course and with just one click, the student access to virtual classrooms where they see, hear and talk with other Dexway students.
  • Study groups to practice language, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Encourages participation and exchange of views on a virtual collaborative environment.
group conversation
voice recognition

Voice recognition and pronunciation evaluation

  • Through the most advanced voice recognition software the student pronunciation is evaluated throughout the course.
  • Students compare their pronunciation with a native speaker and the course highlights the speaking mistakes.

The correction is done through a code of colours, both in words and phrases built in all pronunciation exercises.


  • All our language courses can be used from any device and through our Apps synchronously even without Internet.
  • Dexway Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android,  iPad tablets and smartphones.

Language training modalities

CAE is a pioneering company specialized in developing technology and multi-media programmes for education. We implement, provision, operate and track an on-line methodology system, adapting traditional learning using the resources of our various on-line, blended learning and face-face language courses provided.

Dexway online language courses incorporate the main language skills.

Dexway method is based on participation in contexts that recreate communication in real situations.

Blended learning courses with numerous activities and exercises for language and communication skills both inside and outside the classroom.

A complete language immersion. An interactive tool that encourages student participation.

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