CREATE your own ENCOUNTER POINT for your students

Virtual communities

Create your own virtual community which can only be accessed by students who complete their language training. The online community of students is added as a section of the language course facilitating access to it and without having to log in again. The profile image of a student becomes his avatar and the rest of the community can easily recognize him.

Next to the avatar the system shows a series of stars that are obtained according to the level of participation of the user in the community (it’s status in front of the rest of users) and that will also be reflected in its global gamification score.

Forums, threads of conversation, message boards, chats, video conferences: all united for your service

Loyalty of students with web communities

An online community of its own is an excellent loyalty strategy as it offers students a place where they can spend their time for more enjoyable activities than studying lessons or exercises. It allows them to even make friends when it comes to communities of a company or academy with several locations or a global community of a publisher available to all class groups that use their digital extension. If you increase the participation in the use of your courses you increase the loyalty of your students with it the probabilities of completion, as well as the use of training.


Increase the participation of students to their courses with virtual communities to practice the 360º language

Avatares para comunidad online
Avatar comunidad online idiomas
Imagen de usuario de perfil comunidad online

Custom avatar

Students can upload their own avatar or choose one of the images of their selection to identify themselves in the course next to their username. This profile image is used in the community and also in the gamification classification tables.


Active participation

The virtual communities of students encourage the active participation of students by offering them a meeting place in which to talk with their classmates. This is an excellent way to practice what has been learned in a relaxed way, and that provides the social component that this type of training lack.


Meeting rooms 24/7

The meeting rooms are the strong point of online language communities because they allow a total practice: oral and written expression and comprehension.


Comunidad virtuales propias



Self-management directed by teachers


Online communities of language learners with their forums, message boards, conversation threads, and meeting rooms for chatting via audio or video chat can be under the supervision and monitoring of a tutor or let the students manage its network without teacher intervention.

Its online courses of accessible languages inside and outside the classroom through smartphones or tablets for a personalized and totally flexible training.

Promote the motivation and competitiveness of your students with a gamification system designed for language courses.


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