E-learning solutions for franchises 

Everything you need to reinforce your brand image and develop your own methodology with online courses and classes

Expand your franchise optimizing hours and costs

CAE’s solutions offer the e-learning infrastructure necessary to reach your students more efficiently, with open schedules, a single calendar for online classes between centers and the creation of multimedia content with collaborative work.


Learning Management System (LMS) to centralize enrollment management, training offer, content creation, gamification…



Integrated web video conference with virtual whiteboard, file respository, chat with emojis, screen sharing, session recording.

interactive Content

Blended, online courses, language labs in English UK/US, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. Conversation groups, artificial intelligence, voice recognition.

Scalable solution so that your franchise grows optimizing schedules and costs


Online class booking through the web portal


Shared schedule for online classes at all your centers


Develop your methodology by creating your own online and interactive materials with a professional finish


A1-C1 language content ready to complement your classes or as 100% independent online courses


Try new methodologies like flipped classroom to spice up your classes

100 % Responsive content for franchises


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10 future global trends in e-learning

10 future global trends in e-learning

E-learning is advancing and growing by leaps and bounds, it is no longer the future of learning but the present, as seen in its different modalities: online, blended learning and face-to-face classrooms. As new technologies evolve, e-learning is changing in order to...