VIRTUAL CLASSROOM – Online videoconference classes

The CAE virtual classroom allows you to offer your on-site classroom classes online (give classes online, through the internet), through videoconferencing with video, audio and chat. In addition, they include a virtual whiteboard and document repository for an entertaining, interactive and multimedia educational experience. Live web classes provide students and teachers with a common space in which to interact without barriers of space or schedules. Teaching online with virtual classrooms is easier with our platform to made for providing classes by videoconference.

The virtual classroom, allows teaching of on-site classroom classes online previously published in the timetables of the CAE virtual campus, specialized in education. It is complemented with student management services, enrollments, registration and monitoring, student community or authoring tool to edit and create e-learning courses.

Flexible schedule for your students

Save trips to companies

Make the most of your teachers’ work hours … pass them to online classes!

With the technology of CAE, it does not matter if you have 5 students or 5,000, you will be supported by the best cloud technology to teach online.

Virtual Classroom Functionality

Functionality of the virtual classroom with CAE videoconference


  • Own URL with your personalized website with your logo.
  • Integrated easy-to-use virtual whiteboard
  • Notification Emails
  • Timetables and booking of classes up to one month in advance
  • Group classes or individual classes to be established by the center or the student at the time of booking
  • Class registration and evaluation
  • Chat – Audio and video
  • File Repository of materials
  • Possibility of launching your online store to sell individual classes or by packs (fully managed by your center)
  • Integration with management, virtual community, conversation groups and service to create exercises or web courses

Teach on-site classroom classes online

Virtual classrooms allow organizing, teaching and managing all types of online classes.

The virtual classroom, or class by videoconference, with integrated whiteboard, allows to manage all kinds of needs in online classes. It incorporates a system of easily accessible schedules, where students can sign up for online classes:

 Open schedule to learn, and open schedule to attend classes with the teacher.

  • The classes are in attendance assisting the center or online -as the student wishes-, even combining both.
  • The classes are not theoretical but practical.
  • In practical classes, the student learns faster.
  • Students who are lagging behind may spend more time (no time limit).
  • Students who can spend more time learn more (no growth limit).

Let's Talk Classes

Individual o group classes

Online classes can be configured for individual sessions or group sessions in the virtual classroom. The system allows the student to choose which type of class they want to attend, within the options available in their enrollment.

If the center does not establish if the classes are individual or in groups, the first student that reserves an hour can choose if this will be an exclusive class for this student or if the class will be in group. It will depend on your preferences and the contract you have with the center.

If the center allows it, you can also choose the subject of the class from a list proposed by the teaching staff.


Reserve your classes in the Virtual Classroom

From the online course or the additional materials, the student has access to a reservation timetable where they can check the availability of virtual classes for the next 30 days (recommended).

The student reserves at least 24 hours in advance. You can also reserve the whole month previously with the possibility of canceling or changing an appointment 24 hours before it is held


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