On numerous occasions you will have been offered e-learning courses for I.C.T. and foreign languages, among which include the benefit of using the SCORM format. SCORM stands for ‘Shareable Content Object Reference Model’ and is combination of standards and specifications which allow for the creation of structured pedagogical content.

These online content management systems make it possible to create content which can be imported from any online educational platform, LMS (Learning Management System, or LCMS (Learning Content Management System).

The content which adheres to this format needs to follow a series of requisites: interoperability, reusability, manageability, accessibility, durability, stability and cost-effectiveness.

If you’re still not sure what SCORM content is and its benefits in offering I.C.T. and language learning solutions, you should know that this type of content meets the following requisites. The content:

  • Is designed for use in a web browser
  • Is referred to as ‘metadata’
  • Is organised as a structured entity, made up of smaller components
  • Is packaged in a way that makes it easy to be imported into any SCORM compatible platform
  • Is designed to be compatible with any web browser on any operating system

 SCORM content for I.C.T. and language learning

The benefits of offering SCORM content and solutions for I.C.T. and language learning

#1 Adaptation of Content

The SCORM format makes it possible for any educational platform to display content independently of where it has been created. SCORM content follows the requirements of interoperability, allowing for content production to create courses on any platform. This way, the content can be adapted to the learning needs of any business, entity or educational centre. The possibilities for personalisation are infinite.

#2 Access without Limits

The SCORM format makes it possible for users to access content anytime, anywhere. SCORM content for I.C.T. or language learning is always accessible from any device and can be accessed by users whenever they want, meaning students can work at their own pace.

#3 Technological Durability

Technology is advancing at an ever faster pace. SCORM content is cross-compatible with new and developing technologies, meaning the SCORM format and SCORM/AICC standards won’t become obsolete

#4 Recycling of Formats

Another feature of the SCORM format is that it doesn’t have to be created from scratch. It makes it possible to recycle content and if necessary, update it, meaning less production time and an increase in the quality of the content. You’ll also be able to make courses in this format by combining components from other courses.

#5 Personalised Tracking

The learning management platform within the SCORM format tracks learner activity, so it’s possible to see how a class, group or student is progressing. This is achieved by defining a communication standard between the platform and content.

#6 Cost Effectiveness

I.C.T. and language learning content with the SCORM format makes learning possible from any device at any time, which means less cost for language centres. It also saves on learning time, thanks to the time saved in the learning process itself, and the production of content.

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