There are a lot of reasons for organisations to invest in a learning management system (LMS). Popular benefits include ease of administration, the provision of a familiar virtual learning environment and consistent digital storage.But that’s not all an LMS has to offer! Certain learning management systems can even help organisations to improve the results their students achieve. This can be done using learning reporting tools that allow monitoring and reporting.

Learning Reporting Tools




Dexway is at the forefront of LMS analytics. Earlier this year we launched new advanced functionality that allows administrators and educators to monitor achievement in real time.

This is important as it means educators can track how well their students are doing as the course progresses, not just once it’s finished.



Many organisations track achievement data per course. Though this can be very helpful, it typically means that each set of data can only be used to improve future versions of the course, not the experience of the students who are currently taking it. Depending on when they are given access to data, this can mean that it’s almost impossible for educators to use learning reporting tools to help them adapt course materials to the particular needs of a group.

Why are learning reporting tools so important?

This all changes when the analytics start to work in real time. An educator is suddenly able to track how each student is faring on virtual activities as they do them. They will be able to monitor which knowledge has been successfully transferred and which topics need a second going over. They’ll also be able to quickly catch on to any possible ‘blind spots’ – areas where their students are struggling that haven’t been brought up during class time.

How to Improve Student Results Using Learning Reporting Tools?

Of course, it’s not just the educators themselves who can do great things with these learning reporting tools. Administrators and senior staff members can log in to easily get an idea of which courses are transferring information more successfully than others. This could enable organisations to offer early intervention programmes for educators who are struggling and for individual students who are having difficulties with more than one course.

Data is important. When it’s used effectively it can be an excellent way to support both students and staff members to achieve more.

Full details of Dexway’s new analytics features can be found here.


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