It’s vital for big organisations to offer comprehensive training opportunities. This is for two reasons:

#1 Training ensures standards within the organisation continue to rise.

#2: Training makes employees feel valued and invested in

Of course, in order for these two outcomes to be met effectively, the training on offer has to be of a good enough quality. It’s certainly very easy for organisations to offer training opportunities to their staff base, but ensuring that training will be successful can be more problematic.

Some of the factors that come in between organisations and providing successful training are:


  • The range of courses available
  • Administrating enrolment
  • Monitoring engagement with courses
  • Managing talent administration for experts and trainers
  • Lack of flexible e-learning and m-learning opportunities
  • Vetting usefulness of courses
  • Timetable management
  • Keeping track of qualifications and skills gained
  • Communicating available opportunities
  • Handling employees’ time away from the office

Many of these problems can be solved by investing in a range of online training and interactive learning courses. However, this kind of digital learning doesn’t solve the bigger issue of course administration.

Learning management system is the key

More and more organisations are realising that a visual learning management system is the key to being able to effectively offer a comprehensive range of training opportunities to their employees. A learning management system (also known as an LMS or LCMS) enables administrative staff to manage all available e-learning courses from one central portal.

The benefits of this can be huge. A learning management system like this makes it far easier to provide effective intelligent learning opportunities.

It’s great for administrators because it allows all course content to be stored and updated in the same place. All enrolments, subscriptions and course communications can be handled from a central hub with no additional websites or log ins.

It’s great for learners because it’s easy to see what courses are available and all content can be accessed from within a familiar virtual classroom.

Want to see what an LMS platform looks like? You’ll find a selection of screenshots and more information here.

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