The e-learning method of the flipped classroom for language learning has become one of the best teaching methodologies for these uncertain times; in which blended learning and social distancing have taken on a special relevance.

Think back to the early days of the pandemic and how many language centers were forced to switch to online teaching overnight. In many cases they had no prior warning, or even time to train their teachers. This new reality has led many teachers and students to discover what many experts in pedagogy consider to be one of the most effective learning methodologies:  the flipped classroom  – a teaching technique that works especially well with distance learning.

Our extensive experience of more than 40 years in the online education sector has led us to the conclusion that the flipped classroom model is one of the most beneficial e-learning solutions. It offers the most advantages in our current situation. Why? The answer is simple: with this method of teaching languages, study is individualized – allowing each student to progress through our Dexway courses at their own pace. The courses offer a flexibility and methodology that can adapt to the needs of all students.

In this article we will focus on the e-learning solution that has gained even more popularity in the so-called ‘new normal’, carving out a place for itself in universities, colleges and training centers. Here are the reasons why the flipped classroom is a 100% necessary language learning methodology today.

flipped classroom

The Flipped classroom, its importance as a teaching method for language learning in modern times

The changes experienced over the last few months show that  traditional teaching methods will need to become increasingly flexible and hybrid. We should always be prepared to apply, or learn about, new learning techniques such as the one mentioned in this article.

Discover the remarkable importance that flipped classroom e-learning (a combination of physical classroom and online study) is currently gaining.


#It is used in different educational stages

At the beginning of the pandemic, many teachers and educators had to adjust their teaching practice almost instantly in order to ensure the continuation of language courses. They needed to find a way to allow students to continue their training; regardless of the educational stage in which they found themselves.

To do this, many educators introduced flipped learning to their classroom. This is a teaching model in which the teacher’s planning is an essential element to achieving success. Over these past months, its implementation in many training centers, universities and colleges has been useful to demonstrate that it is indeed a valuable teaching strategy. It manages to involve students not only actively, but also deeply, in the learning process at all levels of Education.

With the immediate future still uncertain, more and more educational institutions are reconsidering their pedagogical approaches and training programs. They are devising strategies which make their language courses both safe and challenging, and this is causing a number of changes in the way students are taught. It is time to recognize the value of this increasingly popular teaching model and put it into practice; as many training centers have already done.

At Dexway we are pioneers in the implementation of this e-learning method for language teaching. We have been working with this methodology since 2010, steadily finding the best solutions so that we are able to offer high quality resources and cutting edge innovation.

#Students study and prepare lessons outside of class

As a result of the situation we are experiencing, very few students can go to face-to-face classes every day of the week. In these cases, having an e-learning teaching method such as the flipped classroom will allow both educational institutions and teachers to help students carry on being active in their learning.

The flipped classroom manages to involve different student types inclusively and maximizes the opportunities for their own learning, while always being supported by their tutor. Among the main advantages when it comes to students preparing lessons outside of class are:

  • More efficient use of time is allowed
  • Interest and performance levels increase
  • Thinking outside of class is promoted
  • Students are allowed to move at their own pace
  • Learning is deeper and longer lasting
  • Knowledge is consolidated because it gives more time to answer questions in class
  • Absent students can follow the course content

However, for all these points to be met, the support and guidance of the tutor at all times is of vital importance. All the resources and activities must be exclusively designed and prepared by the teacher in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that flipped learning offers. Tutors in this type of pedagogical methodology should consider the importance of engaging students both independently and in groups.

Teachers will not only limit themselves to providing particular resources for study, but also to combining those resources with particular activities that allow a greater commitment to the material offered. As for students, there are also advantages to this teaching model for teachers. The main advantages are:

  • They gain a better understanding of students’ abilities
  • It’s easier to customize and update the syllabus
  • There is more time to do research with students
  • The teacher manages to have more interaction with the student

We can conclude this article by stating that times like these are perfect to launch the flipped classroom e-learning method. Many institutions and professionals seek to develop study plans in new formats that stimulate active language learning, promote creativity, flexibility, motivation, synthesis as well as the evaluation of content.

At Dexway we are leaders in specialized e-learning technology for language teaching. If you are interested in finding out more about e-learning solutions and how to implement them in your educational institution, do not hesitate and contact us.

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