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CAE’s authoring tool is a powerful AI-driven software for content creation, specifically designed to streamline and expedite the development of interactive and multimedia professional educational training

Also, it allows learning centers to create training content from scratch intuitively and easily, as well as edit it at any time. Transform your materials into engaging digital content consisting of interactive exercises, videos, audios, word searches, readings, tests…

Why choose our Authoring Tools?


Create your own customized contents

Transfer your paper and PDF materials to multimedia and interactive formats, giving free rein to your creativity thanks to a score of templates to create all kinds of exercises


Success Stories

The Voluxion videoconference is integrated in successful educational solutions such as Dexway 


Easy to use

It doesn’t require technical knowledge. It’s an intuitive user-friendly powerful tool designed to create tailor-made courses quickly


Tracking and evaluation

It allows you to track, register and evaluate your students


Integration of all your materials

The creation of e-learning language courses allows you to centralize all your resources in the same accessible environment inside and outside the classroom.

Collaborative work

It allows teamwork among several users (shared library), which contributes to enrich the content and to divide the workload.


Compatible with all types of screens

100% responsive content accessible from web browsers on PC, smartphone or tablets

CAE Authoring Tool

Create your own online courses and exams


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