Monitoring and analyzing tools are very important for language courses, which is why Dexway language courses integrate Dexway Analytics, an advanced analysis, monitoring and evaluation tool that provides real-time information on student progress.

Seguimiento y evaluación Dexway

By utilizing a monitoring system, students can be continuously evaluated in their online course, without waiting on tests that show what problems students are experiencing. If there is real-time monitoring, each student’s (or group’s) information is available in comprehensive reports with just one click.

Benefits Monitoring Tools Have for Online Language Courses


#1 Information sorted by language skill

The Voluxion learning platform is the only platform specialized in languages. Its monitoring tool is equipped with an assessment system that shows students’ progress and shortcomings broken down by language skill (writing, speaking, reading and listening).

This makes it much easier for teachers to schedule reinforcement exercises that focus on solving and clarifying the specific problems of a student or group.


#2 Online/offline face-to-face classes with specific objectives

Learning which areas most students are having trouble with gives teachers the opportunity to organize online/offline classes aimed at the students’ weaker areas that the LMS (Learning Management System) has detected through Dexway Analytics.


#3 Individual monitoring

Teachers can track each student and check on their performance in online activities. That way, they are aware of each student’s progress at all times and can take action in case one of them is falling behind the rest of the group.


#4 Feedback for students

Students receive feedback in real time while taking their courses. This means they can track their own progress of their online course and learn which skills they should practice in order to improve. Students can be fully involved in their own online language learning and they will discover that putting in the effort brings results.


#5 Allow teachers to obtain valuable information in real time

Teachers can consult information on their students’ progress and performance in real time, so they can always be aware of the areas their students are having trouble with both individually and in groups.

With this information, teachers can prepare personalized reinforcement exercises from any lesson that a student is experiencing difficulty with so they can get more practice and thus advance in the course. This prevents students from being left behind and reduces drop-out rates.


#6 Gamified Evaluation

Keeping students motivated is essential for them to progress through the course at an appropriate rhythm until completion. Thanks to the information collected by Analytics, Dexway courses offer a gamified evaluation system that rewards student effort with different badges that are displayed on leaderboards to encourage motivation.

Dexway Analytics is available for all versions, languages (UK/US English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese) and types of Dexway solutions.


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