It has always been very important for training centres to stay up to date with trends in their industry. The training industry has changed a great deal in recent decades: from traditional classroom-based learning to more modern options such as blended learning, the flipped classroom model and digital learning.

As the training world develops and moves forwards, so too do these training opportunities. It is becoming more and more commonplace for training centres to offer their students eLearning training courses.

This is a very key development because it showcases an example of one of the bigger trends in training for the twenty first century: digitization.



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What does digitization mean for training courses and training in training centres?

The digitization of the world has had a huge impact on almost all areas of our lives. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, we are usually taking advantage of some form of technology.

This has certainly had a big impact on training in training centres and the wider world of training courses. eLearning training has increased massively in popularity in recent years, and more and more training centres are coming to rely on this as a method to educate their students.

The reasons for this are fairly simple. eLearning training generally offers a great deal more value to training centres and other organisations than traditional training courses.

This is because:

#1. eLearning training is a great deal more cost effective than traditional face to face training courses.

#2.There is a lower environmental impact for the digitisation of training as everything can be done virtually and there are no printing or travel considerations.

#3. eLearning training is more convenient: students can access digital training platforms from wherever they are without having to commit to attending a face to face course.

#4. Training can often be completed quicker when it is delivered digitally as learners can proceed at their own pace without having to wait for everyone else.

#5. Students often respond better to digital training as they can revisit sections they were unclear on

How can you take advantage of the digitization of eLearning training?

When managing a wide range of training courses, it’s important for administrative staff to be able to effectively deliver and manage the various eLearning courses that are available. If this has been a problem in your organisation so far, it doesn’t have to be.

There are a range of training platforms available that are designed to help training centres deliver eLearning training easily and efficiently. These training platforms, such as the CAE Voluxion Pro learning management system (LMS) and learning content management system (LCMS), are designed to revolutionise training in training centres.

Cloud based training platforms such as learning management systems (LMS) and learning content management systems (LCMS) help training centres to take advantage of key trends in the training industry in a way that ensures their students get the absolute best from the experience possible.

Training platforms can also help to keep track of and manage SCORM training content to ensure students get the best quality training opportunities that are available.

How can CAE support your training centre to deliver top quality digital training courses?

CAE offer a comprehensive range of learning content management system (LCMS) and learning management system (LMS) options that are designed with training centres and educational organisations in mind.

One of the key ways that CAE sets out to support your training centre is to ensure that you are able to track and evaluate the progress of all students who are enrolled in training courses. This is an important consideration as you need to make sure students are progressing as expected with SCORM and online training in order to ensure they are getting the expected value from the training investment.

Voluxion offers exhaustive student tracking capabilities including scheduled and instantaneous reports, and detailed module breakdowns.

Training platforms can also help to ensure students are able to hit the ground running with any training course they are enrolled on. A learning management system (LMS) will ensure that the virtual learning space looks the same and functions in the same way whatever course they are currently doing.

This is beneficial as it means students will not need to spend time familiarising themselves with a new digital classroom experience each time they get started with a new course. Instead, they can start benefiting from the new material right away.

How can your organisation get started?

Could CAE help your organisation to make the most of the digitization of training? If you are keen to start enjoying all these benefits right away, get in touch to find out how we could help.

We can offer you a free consultation to help you decide which type of learning platform is right for you. During this consultation we will advise on which digital learning solution we think will be best for your organisation.

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