Dexway Authoring Tool has been updated with two new improvements that expand the customization options of PDF course manuals and audiobooks. With the new version of the editing tool, all changes made to courses will be automatically reflected in the PDF manuals that are downloadable through the courses.

Dexway language solutions by CAE include an authoring tool that allow teachers to modify and add content in a simple, user-friendly way. With Dexway Authoring Tool, teachers can create and customize Dexway online and blended learning courses with maximum flexibility. This authoring tool allows teachers to reorganize the syllabus, add or delete units, create new exercises or modify any exercise in the Dexway library. In addition, access is given to all of Dexway’s resources and R&D so that centers can create their own customized courses, without having to start from scratch.

Dexway’s exercise templates, bank of images, audio recordings, videos and collection of objectives make it easy to create a unique course with tried and tested educational content.

The Dexway team guarantees that the courses will satisfy all of our customers’ needs as well as promote a more immersive and interactive type of learning. The latest improvements to the authoring tool correspond to the following wishes:


#1 Automatically generate lesson manuals and audiobooks

Previously, the PDF manuals that could be downloaded through Dexway courses (for teachers and students) did not reflect any changes made to the course. You were able to download the standard Dexway guides, which were very comprehensive, but they did not reflect the customizations made to the courses by authoring tool users. With the new update, Dexway introduces a new feature: Dexway Authoring Tool will automatically generate lesson manuals in PDF format, as well as audiobooks of the lesson, that include all the modifications made by teachers.

In this way, all changes made to any course, as well as any course created from scratch using CAE’s templates and resources, will have their own manuals and audiobooks that will correspond to the course contents.


#2 Personalize grades and level test results

Test scores are a very personal issue. Each training center and school has a certain way of grading and ranking its students. Dexway is aware of this, so now customers using Dexway Authoring Tool will be able to customize their courses and adapt them to the way their center grades. This new configurable option allows you to adapt Dexway course level tests to the systems established at your center and/or combine it with the standard you currently use.


Dexway offers global solutions for language students with infinite possibilities for customization using the only authoring tool developed especially for languages. This makes it easier for centers to integrate their expertise and their own content into Dexway courses.


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