Currently, schools worldwide have begun implementing blended learning as a learning methodology in their classrooms. Teachers and students from all over the world endorse the success of this language-learning practice.

The blended learning model is a teaching method that strives to incorporate a range of different learning techniques. Traditional learning models will always be used in classrooms. Still, new methods have been introduced, such as online learning, digital tools, and the flipped classroom that bring or give a radical twist to teaching dynamics. Today, schools provide teachers, tutors, and educators with more resources to offer materials to their students. In addition, more and more schools are adopting mixed learning models simply because they believe that this is really the best method to encourage student learning.


Blended learning

Why should schools choose the blended learning method?

#1. Efficiency guaranteed


Students are more likely to succeed in their studies, as tutors have at their disposal a wide range of tools to suit the needs of each student or group. This allows students to be flexible at all times when learning a new subject. In addition, students are less likely to fail. Thanks to learning methodologies such as the Dexway Method and student follow-up reports provided by educational platforms such as Dexway LMS, teachers can verify and review those exercises, lessons, or topics that are more difficult for students. With this type of follow-up, teachers can adapt and prevent students from losing interest in the course.


#2. Availability at all times


One of the main benefits of the blended learning method is that it allows students to access a much wider range of learning resources. Students have access to online tools that complement individual and personalized language study. This access often extends outside of class hours, meaning students can benefit from these additional learning tools during home office hours without limitations. In addition, students will be able to access information flexibly to review and study concepts that have not been examined in the classroom or perform extracurricular activities and exercises.


#3. Greater Control


Students have more access to learning tools and take charge of their learning, are able to have greater control over the entire subject and the objectives they must meet, as well as the pace of study and commitment towards it. They have the possibility to re-examine the material that is most difficult for them. In addition, students have more time to review all the material and catch up with classes they may have missed. It’s easier for them when they see the whole topic because apart from giving them perspective, they have greater control over time management for their organization and thus reach the goal.

#4. Simple evaluation


Educational platforms like Dexway LMS greatly simplify and facilitate evaluations. A very important benefit that is directly brought to students is the ability to gain a good understanding of how well they are doing during the course. Another relevant benefit is that it helps teachers, tutors, and educators save time in management, follow-up, and evaluation, compared to traditional exams or tests. In addition, the increase in technological learning resources has been beneficial for students, teachers, and schools, as it has accelerated the achievement of results. Therefore, the benefits of adopting a mixed-learning method can be enormous.


#5. Save Time


Teachers and tutors spend a lot of time preparing materials for students. For example, for teachers to prepare a task, they would have to print out the task, then manually grade each assignment, and then send it. This is where blended learning comes in, all the teacher would have to do is upload the materials on the platform and wait for the students to finish the task so that it can be graded. In addition, when managing exercises in the classroom, the role of the teacher becomes more important, since it allows them to devote more time to other teaching tasks, which means better attention to students.


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