At CAE Computer Aided E-learning, we have been excelling in the development and distribution of online content for training in academic institutions and corporate organizations for over 40 years. Now, all our know-how has been collected in Learning HUB CAE, a platform for course creation and distribution where e-learning authors can take advantage of their talent and monetise their knowledge.

In LearningHub CAE, we match the talent of authors and instructional designers with the need for specific content for universities, higher education centres and companies. This means that the needs of these specialised centres are covered by high-quality online content. This new platform is a place where innovative methodologies and technological tools are used to design courses, programs and resources to facilitate learning and the development of skills.


platform for course creation and distribution


Importance of online education today

In today’s digital age, online training has gained unprecedented relevance. Digital transformation has impacted every aspect of our lives, and that includes the way we teach. E-learning provides universal access – eliminating geographical and economic barriers. To this we must add the scheduling flexibility – allowing students to access the training at their own pace.

Another advantage of this type of course is that they can be easily updated, meaning their content always remains relevant.

This is why authors who have video courses, material saved as a Word document, or with a book already written, should consider transforming their expertise into an online course with Learning Hub CAE: 100% interactive, easily updateable, multi-platform material stored in the cloud.


LearningHub CAE for authors

Online training content creators can monetise their talent with the help of LearningHub CAE’s authoring tool, which is included on the platform for course creation and distribution. All of CAE’s expertise in e-learning development is made available to the authors. Our powerful authoring tool for content creation – that has been used to create internationally successful material such as the Dexway courses, is made available to all content authors. It can be used to create professional training material that uses specific knowledge, a particular skill set or that covers some of the topics in our highly popular library of courses.


Advantages of the LearningHub CAE authoring tool

  • Easy to use – totally intuitive
  • Compatible with all your materials: audio, video, PDF
  • Dozens of templates to create interactive exercises
  • Advanced tracking analytics
  • Gamification
  • Creation of tests and exams with proctoring


We are looking for authors

LearningHub CAE offers new and veteran authors everything they need to generate quality courses and sell more. Request access to the tool and start creating on the platform’s website. Join now!


B2B Marketplace at LearningHub CAE

With  LearningHub CAE, a platform for course creation and distribution, we make a new audience available for authors to distribute their courses to. A B2B marketplace for higher education centres, universities and companies that contract licenses in packs, meaning a higher volume of sales. An unmissable opportunity for authors with aspirations.

Moreover, our marketplace gives access to an extensive range of courses in SCORM format.


Advantages of working with LearningHub CAE

CAE LearningHub platform stands out from its competitors thanks to the professionalism of our distribution system. The courses published on the platform are made available to a B2B market of universities, higher education centres and companies that would not otherwise have access to an individual author’s material.



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