Discover the Voluxion LMS, the easiest-to-use learning management system on the market with functions that adapt to deal with everything you need.

An LMS, or learning management system, is a great tool for training and professional development programs in educational institutions or companies.


Voluxion LMS


Create and configure your programs and courses

By using the Voluxion LMS to create, manage and deliver educational and training programs, educational institutions and businesses save more time compared to traditional methods. LMS allow organization, automation, and scheduling depending on the needs of students or employees.


Manage, administer and create users

Educational platforms allow you to control the management of everything related to administration, automation and communication with users, whether they are teachers, tutors, students or content managers.

They allow the effective management of registrations, pre-registrations, the creation of groups or courses, as well as enabling the management of the different roles on the platform – such as tutors, students, supervisors and administrators.


Track your students

The LMS makes it easy for administrators to monitor in real time the different participants involved in a virtual learning environment: statistics and student records, monitoring of each activity, examination systems, and reports. This information can be of great use both for measuring student results and progress, and for evaluating the effectiveness of the training programs offered.


Send messages and answer questions

LMS facilitate communication and collaboration between people, whether between students and teachers, between administrators and employees, or between all users of the platform with a permanently open communication channel. They facilitate the integral management of communication: global or individual emails, messages, forums, news, agenda. An environment with all the information at the user’s fingertips on a single screen.

Learning management systems facilitate communication. Students can ask questions and clarify important aspects of the training they are doing. Students are more comfortable asking and answering questions, as well as sharing their opinions when in an online environment. In addition, administrators and tutors can automate notifications and communications to users through notices, reminders or messages that are sent according to certain criteria.


Generate reports easily and accurately

The Voluxion LMS allows the creation, customization and download of detailed reports on the progress of students, which allow you to easily assess the progress of your students or employees both in groups and individually.


Access from anywhere thanks to cloud hosting

This LMS allows access from anywhere with an Internet connection and from any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile. If a teacher has to give a reinforcement class, they can connect with all their students through the virtual classroom, or if a student is traveling, they can access content and assignments from anywhere. The Voluxion LMS facilitates personalized access for all members of the educational community.


Limitless scalability

Thanks to these platforms, not only administrative users as such benefit from the simplicity and efficiency that the LMS provides in all processes, but also teachers and students make the most of the learning process.

The customization possibilities are unlimited, depending on the needs of each institution: chat, virtual classes, forums, multimedia content, interactive content, student support resources, individualized monitoring, group monitoring, evaluation and analysis through ad hoc reports and much more.


Suitable for all devices

At CAE we are more than aware of the possibilities of M-Learning to help students achieve all the objectives that they set themselves. Throughout our four decades of experience, we have steadily adapted to the educational possibilities offered by technology, becoming specialists from the outset of digital teaching. We make applications for smartphones, tablets and computers connected to a network available.

LMS are not just a virtual environment created by and for learning; they also make learning an experience. In conclusion, these learning platforms are potentially suitable for the education sector for any subject, from languages, computer science, humanities, social science, etc. The results of teaching through or with the support of LMS guarantee the success of the training, as well as increasing student motivation.


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