It is imperative that the LMS you plan to use for your language courses has the most appropriate features for your sector. Therefore, when deciding on a digital platform, it is essential to understand your needs so you know what to expect from an LMS for language courses.

LMS Voluxion

An educational platform or LMS (learning management systems) and LCMS (learning content management systems), can make a big difference in a language learner’s experience. High-quality content is essential, but the added value of an LMS also contributes to the success rate of the courses and even their profitability.

It is therefore necessary to ensure that the digital teaching platform you choose meets the expectations for growth, operability and compatibility set out in your plan. Ultimately, it should meet the needs of both the language center and its students or employees.


5 Facts About an Educational Platform or LMS that you Need to Know


#1. Management and administration

The LMS (learning management system), where courses are installed, also provides integral management of all areas of the course. This includes managing professors’ schedules, registration and communication with the students, etc., thus saving both time and money. Having all this information integrated into a single platform simplifies management tasks and helps to avoid errors.


#2. Unlimited access

An LMS in the cloud means students can access their courses from anywhere and at any time. Voluxion educational platform or LMS /LCMS provide shared cloud hosting, meaning your courses will be accessible from any device and at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


#3. Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring students is vital in order to recognize if they need guidance or extra reinforcement in a particular lesson or topic. Voluxion LMS and LCMS allow you to carry out automated assessments and monitoring of your students, with detailed reports that can be programmed to generate automatically.


#4. Integrate your own content

You have the ability to customize the courses you upload to your LMS by adding your own supplementary materials, which is a good strategy because you can tailor them to your students’ needs. Voluxion LMS lets you add videos, YouTube links, links to websites or text files or PowerPoint presentations, for example.


#5. Become an expert in your target audience

As a rule, most LMSs offer a multitude of useful common features and functions. However, you can provide your students with the most advanced tools only if you choose to work with an LMS that specializes in your sector. Voluxion and Dexway offer a VCR that specializes in fully customizable language teaching, with class schedules, an individual or group booking system and records of the time students spend in the virtual classroom.


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