Too start off, a language laboratory is a complete tool designed for students to learn a language in person through a complete linguistic immersion. It’s an effective methodology to learn new languages. In fact, many  universities and colleges use this method of learning to learn languages because of the advantages offered by a language laboratory in face-to-face classes. Language labs are also an interactive tool that encourages the participation and interaction of students. A language laboratory presents a series of characteristics that add value to your educational center. It makes the training offer the ideal element to optimize teaching hours.

Advantages of Language Labs

Language labs offer ways for teachers to alter materials so it fits their requirements. For Example, teachers can integrate their own Text, images, audio, and video. Students can record their own voice and play back the recordings and interact with the teacher. Also, teachers can track students work and control the students computer via the teacher’s console. Student have access for independent learning which includes resources outside class.

#1 Direct contact with students and teachers

Direct contact between students and teachers is essential to be able to learn a language. The teacher is the one who corrects and solves the doubts his students has. A language laboratory facilitates communication between students and the practice of language through collaborative learning.

#2 Immediate and personalized attention

The teachers work is enhanced and facilitated by technology.The teacher will be able to adapt the study program to the rhythm of the class and the depth that he dedicates to each of the contents according to the level or aptitudes of his students in the language laboratory. This personalized attention increases the progress of the students since it allows the teacher to emphasize those aspects that have not been adequately understood and solve the weaknesses of each student.

#3 Material available in a network classroom

Also, In a language lab students do not have to worry about equipment and materials. Computers, internet access, books and other complementary materials are provided by your center transforming a class in a language laboratory.

#4 Commitment to learning a language

Another benefit of learning languages in a language lab is that the classroom language courses have fixed schedules that will help your students maintain the discipline and pace of study as well as monitoring the schedule.

#5 Add value to your school

After the implementation of the language laboratory your educational center will have a tool that facilitates communication, and interactivity inside a classroom. This accelerates language learning by students through complete linguistic immersion.

#6 Advanced educational technology

It’s a technology specially designed for education that promotes a high motivation of students to work with special equipment for language learning. There is a greater involvement of students in a participatory environment. In addition, the technology of a language laboratory offers great advantages to both teachers and students. In fact, both the teacher and student can access new information and communicate quickly and easily. They have a classroom where the latest technology for language learning is available which encourages interactive communication in the classroom.

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