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The idea of using new technologies and lms platforms for training is already a reality. And it is thanks to the fact that virtual environments offer teaching processes a multitude of benefits and a lot of flexibility. On many occasions there are obstacles on the part of students to receive their training in language schools. Suspension of classes, holidays, illness or personal reasons, can all reduce the number of student-teacher encounters.

Companies need constant renewal to increase their competitiveness, and in today’s competitive world this is truer now than ever. Offering training to your employees helps, but sometimes the fast pace of work does not allow them to attend classes, even if there is a desire to do so.

Due to these and many other reasons, the idea of ​​using e-learning platforms to provide accessibility to users is both attractive and practical.

An LMS is a learning management system, a user-friendly platform that allows organizations to monitor, measure, support and manage the different language learning programs and that provides numerous advantages, which are listed below:

#1 Simplify the learning process

Online educational platforms are intuitive and easy to use systems. Voluxion Free languages, CAE’s LMS creates an environment in which students can interact with the content, collaborate with other colleagues and communicate with their educators easily, achieving a truly close relationship between the teacher and the student.

#2 Centralize all learning

The training, the content and everything that surrounds the learning is offered permanently in the same source or channel. An LMS must have a responsive, user- friendly version since mobile devices play an important role in allowing access to information at any time and from anywhere.

#3 Allow customization and flexibility

They allow customization for each educational institution or organization both in the design of the platform and in the materials to be shared with users since they can be adapted to the corporate image of any organization and they allow instant access to update the content by administrators, including the addition of new materials and resources, in such a way that each student will have a different view of their educational platform.

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#4 Monitoring, reporting and analysis of learning

Through online educational platforms, the performance of the monitoring, evaluation tools and extraction of detailed reports can be improved. They allow the progress of all users to be monitored, analyzed and evaluated at any time, providing a basis for in-depth research and the evaluation of learning progress.

#5 Evaluation of progress in training

Thanks to the reporting mentioned in the previous point, users can progressively evaluate the course material, allowing them to constantly monitor the progress of the online course.  By monitoring progress, areas that need to be reinforced are detected and the user is encouraged to continue improving on those points.

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#6. Management efficiency

It is very important that these types of platforms allow the comprehensive control of the management of everything related to administration, automation and communication with users, whether they are teachers, tutors, students, or content managers.

An LMS allows you to:

  • manage course enrollment, fees, and staff from one place
  • easily follow students and evaluate their progress with a simple click
  • facilitate communication between teachers and students
  • provide students and staff with different ways to stay in touch and communicate with each other, and to access materials and resources, create tests and exams simply.
  • download detailed reports on assessment results and progress for each student.
  • easily plan and manage schedules.

In conclusion, both the corporate sector and the education sector should take the time to assess all the advantages and benefits of the implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) in their organizational structures, a learning system that is no longer the future but the present in training trends.

If you want to further expand your knowledge of LMS and learn about the advantages of our educational platform Voluxion, you can do so by clicking here.