The so-called back-to-school operation, at the beginning of the school year, is a concern that begins to haunt teachers and students’ heads at the end of every summer.

No wonder, since new challenges start with the beginning of the new course and the opportunity to start off on the right foot in what will be a whole school year ahead. Everyone knows how important those first days of school are to build up the relationship between teachers and students correctly. But this does not happen only in schools or secondary schools, it also extends to universities or training schools, regardless of the student’s age.

CAE’s e-learning software is designed from the perspective of Edtech experts, always with the aim of making life in the classroom easier. Consequently, the tools we make available to educational institutions and students incorporate functionalities that make day-to-day life more manageable. And of course, they are an important teaching aid to get ready to go back to school.

Group of students back to school using an LMS platform

Guarantees provided by an educational platform at the beginning of a new course

Let us find out what aspects of an e-learning platform can be exploited, whether in-person, online or blended learning, to prepare the beginning of the course with absolute success guarantee:

Communication prior to the start of classes

Can you imagine being able to communicate with your students before seeing each other’s faces for the first time? A simple welcome message or instructions to make the first day more bearable can make a difference.

The platform offers channels of direct communication with students, either in groups or individually, which help to convey closeness and trust.


Motivate students from the month in which the course begins

Fostering motivation in the classroom is a goal to be pursued from day one. Sometimes, it can be difficult when there are complex subjects or there are students with a lower level than the group. To alleviate this situation, the teaching software we have designed prioritizes interaction, self-learning, and gamification, so that learning is more playful and students get engaged by their interest and desire to learn.

With Dexway’s language teaching software, students live an immersive language experience that fully involves them in their own learning.


Group cohesion

Cooperative work is essential to create cohesion in the group and strengthen each person’s sense of belonging. Group activities can be really relevant to break the ice in the first few weeks.

In this regard, the LMS platform facilitates the creation of work groups, discussion spaces, and other tools designed for group work.


Know the students’ level

Having the opportunity to find out the students’ level before the course starts brings a lot of benefits. On the one hand, it allows the course to be focused on meeting the needs of the group, and on the other hand, to identify if there are students who are going to need special attention to be able to support them correctly.

In CAE’s e-learning solutions, it is possible to carry out level tests to evaluate students, as well as to carry out progress tests throughout the course.


Encourage participation

It is well known that students’ participation is one of the key elements for them to follow the good pace of the course and remain motivated. This can be particularly important in areas such as language learning, where it is necessary for the student to get actively involved since they have to express themselves.

However, participation is not so easy for everyone. With this in mind, our e-learning platform includes activities that involve participation and interaction in groups and individually. It is worth noting that students are offered a space and dynamics so that they can participate comfortably.


Accessible information for all

Thanks to the platform, the necessary documentation is offered in a single place. This is useful for students, parents and the school, as it makes management easier. In addition, doubts can be resolved on this same channel.


Parental Control

The parental control functionality allows parents, under the role of an account supervisor, to monitor their children’s performance in the classroom, as well as to be informed about everything relevant to the proper development of the course.

There can be up to two supervisors per student and join more than one student into a single registration, in the case of siblings in the same educational center.


You can take advantage of an LMS when you go back to school. If you would like to know more, please contact us. Our team of educational technology professionals will be able to advise you in a personalized way.


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