When choosing a platform for online language training, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate what tools will be available to facilitate not only the running of a course on an e-learning platform, but also its management.

In other articles such as “Advantages of the reverse classroom or flipped classroom with Dexway” we have discussed the benefits of choosing an online blended learning language platform that manages to be entertaining, intuitive as well as keeping students engaged in the course. But, above all, that it achieves the primary objective of teaching.

Dexway is an online language platform which offers courses for 8 languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, Russian, etc. Its concept is “learning by doing” which makes it a methodology focused on interactive, flexible and fun learning.

Dexway’s Blended Learning method combines the classroom with online training, allowing students to learn progressively at their own pace thanks to structured lessons that encourage practical use.

The platform includes a feature called Dexway Analytics that allows the real-time evaluation and monitoring of courses, enriching the methodology and offering teachers and students a more detailed view of the specific objectives that each course aims to achieve.

This is a competitive advantage that undoubtedly makes Dexway stand out in terms of training solutions for the education sector in comparison with other e-learning platforms, making life easier for teachers and achieving success in learning a language.

dexway analytics


Dexway Analytics – benefits for the teacher

The platform allows the teacher to follow, analyze and evaluate the progress of all users at any time and see what content they have accessed. This provides a basis for detailed analysis and evaluation of progress in learning.

The Dexway Analytics tool allows the teacher tools to detect exactly which points of the language each student or group of students need to reinforce. This means that you will be able to determine which topics you should focus your efforts on and work on these weaknesses in face-to-face classes thanks to:

  • Creation of personalized tests
  • Questionnaires
  • Packs of reinforcement exercises adapted to each level of evolution
  • Add additional exercises to those already included in the course

All this, together with the results of the partial and final tests included in each level of the course, teacher can access feedback about the materials or topics that must be reinforced in the following courses to be taught.


Dexway Analytics – benefits for the student

Thanks to the reporting functions we talked about previously, users are able to evaluate the course material progressively, thus allowing them to constantly monitor the advance of the online course.

By monitoring progress, the areas that need to be reinforced are detected early on and the user is encouraged to continue improving both online and, in the lessons taught by the teacher.

All this creates an environment of motivation and provides an incentive to complete assignments and attend classes. The physical classroom generates more interaction-oriented learning where the teacher becomes more like a coach who accompanies the student through a more dynamic, creative and enriching teaching.


Dexway Analytics – benefits for the training center

The training center can collect important data on the behavior of students at the beginning of the course, during it as well as at the end.

Thanks to the statistical data, you will be able to know which courses receive the most registrations, the most popular tasks, the most visited topics and the learning obtained, among other aspects. This provides, therefore, an overview of the contents and courses that most attract the attention of users. This information offers training centers the possibility of knowing what to pay more attention to, and on what type of courses they should focus their efforts.

dexway analytics


Dexway Analytics is undoubtedly a useful tool that, thanks to the feedback it gives, offers benefits to all the areas involved such as training centers, teachers and students.

In short, it is one more step in the evolution of the teacher-student relationship. A valuable contribution to e-learning platforms and teaching with the CAE seal, which offers training centers the chance to optimize their processes.

Find out more about the Dexway methodology by clicking here.


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