Time is the most valuable asset today. Due to the current pace of life and the demands of the world of work, it is increasingly difficult to devote time to training, for example, learning a new language. In Dexway, we offer an especially effective solution to solve this problem that increasingly affects more people. Do you know the advantages of the flipped classroom?

Voluxion platform offers the possibility of combining the most advanced language teaching technology with all the functionalities and communication systems essential for the effective management of e-learning training. Therefore, each teacher and student have the power to choose when and where to connect without the need for a strict schedule in an academy.

These solutions are represented in the advantages of the flipped classroom, where learning is 100% practical and interactive, more fun and less monotonous because students learn through technological tools, and interactive content such as video, podcasts, a complementary software or simply Internet. They learn at home and then put into practice what they learned when they attend the lesson.

Advantages of the flipped classroom


Advantages of the flipped classroom:


# 1 Makes learning easy

Learning languages ​​is always a challenge and we know that each person has a different rhythm. One of the great advantages of the flipped classroom is that the students arrive in the classroom with the knowledge of the subjects, and the teacher can use the time to do practical exercises and solve specific doubts. By studying the theory at home, when students are in class, they can practice speaking much longer. In this way, the class is more entertaining and dynamic.

The teacher’s role is much more relevant, since he won’t be just explaining and correcting tasks, but interacting much more with his students. At the same time, students spend more time understanding concepts and assimilating the knowledge learned online.


# 2 Monitoring and evaluation of students

Teachers, relying on Voluxion’s technology, know at all times the contents that their students have seen and their progress, knowing perfectly what subjects they should insist on, both in groups and individually. All this can be done thanks to Dexway Analytics, a tool that allows the teacher to identify exactly which points of the language each student or group of students needs to reinforce.


# 3 Multi-device access with or without Internet connection

This functionality provides great flexibility, both for the teacher and for the student, since the platform allows the contents to be downloaded. In this way the student can always be up to date and set their own learning pace.

In addition, it allows students review, download and study content on different devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. That way, students can take advantage of the so-called “dead times”. Students could use their time while they are travelling or before a meeting to study any material of their next class or review content that should be reinforced.


# 4 Allows group or individual classes

If teachers wish to have any of their lessons online, they will have the option of doing so individually or even in a group. It is a functionality that can generate peace of mind for the teacher when it comes to unforeseen events and the face-to-face lesson cannot be held. In addition, it allows interaction between students, they can ask and answer questions between them, which speeds up the work of the teacher and encourages group collaboration and fellowship.


# 5 Easy to share content

Teachers can record, edit and share with their students the support content they want. It allows to create different and atypical classes, where teachers can awaken more interest from their students.

The flipped classroom methodology also encourages collaborative learning, where students gain greater confidence and feel more comfortable asking their concerns in an environment of inspiration, motivation and active listening.


# 6 Record classes

The teacher can record their classes and save them in their virtual classroom in different formats. With this advantage students will be able to choose the time to see the content of the class, and they will be able to solve any doubt that has arisen. Moreover, students who have not been able to attend class can easily be up to date.


# 7 Increase teacher-student interaction

Many people may think that this type of methodology can reduce jobs for teachers and that technology is on the way to replace teaching work, but that is simply not true. The flipped classroom generates a more interaction-oriented learning and the teacher becomes a coach, who guides the student through a more dynamic, creative and enriching teaching.


On balance, this new way of teaching classes called flipped classroom, or also known as blended learning, mixes the best of both worlds, e-learning plus face-to-face lessons. It is an innovative way for the education sector that will grow and evolve more and more.

We encourage you to know more about the flipped classroom, since it is simple and attractive, not only for teachers but also for students. A unique learning experience where learning languages is easier than ever.


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