Knowing what the Flipped Classroom method offers is essential to implement the potential of a teaching model that combines face-to-face lessons with online learning. This modality of Blended Learning promotes learning in a dynamic and interactive environment, where the educator acts as a guide that leads students in the application of concepts and in the development of the subject.

The flipped classroom method is today a pedagogical model that allows you to explore the topics in greater depth, thus creating greater learning opportunities. Each student contributes, proposes, researches and acquires a sense of team responsibility. All this occurs in a collaborative learning that enhances teamwork skills and talent.

To understand this tool perfectly, it is essential to know the four pillars offered by the flipped classroom method to improve your learning habits at all times.

Flipped classroom method


The flipped classroom method involves deep, progressive and meaningful learning

One of the great habits acquired by the Flipped Classroom method is to encourage at all times the individual and progressive learning of the student outside the classroom, energizing it and making it more attractive through interactive activities.

In this way, the level of autonomy and the field of activity of students is bigger, which will allow them to access the content and review the lesson as many times as they want, which leads to an improvement in performance and results.


In the flipped classroom method, students are the center of learning and the teacher is their coach in this process

Thanks to this pedagogical model, students go from being passive subjects (methodology used in the traditional model) to active subjects of learning. In many educational centers it is not only an innovative method but it is also leading to success.

This pedagogical model offers a learning method through e-learning resources. This makes the teacher become much more important by becoming a coach of the student, since teachers have more time in class to answer the students’ questions. In this way, teachers become dynamizers of learning both inside and outside the classroom and they guide and enhance the student’s knowledge.

Flipped classroom method


The flipped classroom method facilitates organized and structured interactive content

The educational platforms or LMS (Learning Management System) offer, among other things, an educational resource center. Everything can be saved in one place, be it text files, videos, audio recordings, links, etc. This means that students and teaching staff can access all resources from the same site, which makes it much easier to find the resources they need, without having to spend learning time searching for materials or gathering it all.

Thanks to this learning software, both teachers and students who use the Flipped Classroom method have all the content organized and accessible to maintain consistency when giving a class or taking a lesson outside the classroom.


Technology is at the service of learning

The technology applied to the Flipped Classroom method makes students pay much more attention and participate much more. The classroom stops being boring and learning is much more dynamic, interactive and enriching. This is achieved not only through the educational platform but also through the apps that students can install on mobile phones and tablets.

It is no longer necessary to be in the teaching center to learn. An LMS like Voluxion is cloud based, thanks to which students can log in from anywhere. Wherever we are we can make use of all available learning resources and not only that, but we can also request tutoring or take virtual classes. This is an extraordinary advantage for distance students or for students trying to maintain a balance between their learning and other commitments such as work or family.


In addition to all of the above, we must not forget that the Flipped Classroom method is becoming the pedagogical model par excellence for teaching languages ​​in classrooms within the education sector. A good platform for online language training is Dexway, which has online training for eight languages, applying its e-learning methodology focused on interactive, flexible and fun learning.

Without doubt, blended learning is the most innovative and effective methodology of the 21st century.


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