Modern technology has made a great deal of things easier for educational institutions such as language schools. It’s made it easier to reach out to new students and teachers, provided a great deal of administrative assistance and has opened up a whole new world of software possibilities, like LCMS software. Of course, with each new type of opportunity comes the responsibility of choice. Now that language schools have so many new cloud based software options available to them, it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you, or even whether any of them are. Learning content management systems, also known as LCMS, are one such opportunity. These intelligent pieces of cloud based software are incredibly powerful and can offer a huge amount to all kinds of learning establishments. Despite all they have on offer, choosing to make the leap to invest in one can be daunting.

Many course leaders find that this choice becomes even more difficult when they look at all the benefits an LCMS system could have to offer them! These pieces of software really do offer a full organisational hub for online learning and eCourses, which can feel overwhelming at first for the uninitiated.

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If your organisation is finding this decision difficult to make, we’re here to help. We understand that the main priority of any educational establishment is its students. Below we’ve broken down the key ways in which students will benefit from a LCMS such as Voluxion, our specialist learning content management system for language schools.


How does an LCMS software benefit students?

#1. A comprehensive hub for learning resources.

One of the great things about an LCMS for students is that it provides them with a central hub for educational resources. Everything from text documents, PDFs, links and videos to audio recordings and presentations can be securely secured in one place. This makes it so much easier for students to find and access the resources they need, without having to spend valuable learning time searching for materials or collecting everything together.


#2. Cloud based technology can be accessed from anywhere.

The days of having to be actually on campus in order to study are long gone. An LCMS such as Voluxion is cloud based which means that students can log in from wherever they are. This is key as it means that all the learning resources, materials and tutoring that a language school is offering can be accessed from anywhere, whether it’s from the next neighbourhood, the next country tor the next continent. This can be particularly beneficial for distance students or for students who are trying to fit their learning in around other commitments such as full time work and/or a family.


#3. LCMS software works on a whole host of devices.

Not everyone does their work on a desktop computer anymore. Large numbers of people don’t even do it on a laptop. Instead, a growing number of people want to do some or all of their everyday work and studying on a portable device such as a tablet or smartphone. This is key for educational establishments such as language schools, as many institutional websites don’t work on portable devices. It’s also key to point out that many online journals and educational resources are tricky to access via a smartphone or tablet. This is where an LCMS can make a big impact: they offer smartphone and tablet apps that will make it easy for students to jump straight into studying and make the most of the time that’s available to them, no matter what device they’ve chosen to use.


#4. Virtual classroom capabilities.

The virtual classroom is a real buzz concept in online learning right now. In fact, the idea is a very simple one. A virtual classroom takes all the benefits of a traditional classroom setting and takes it online. This kind of online learning invites students to access a virtual learning space at the same time, together with their tutor. Learners and tutors can interact and learn together, all from the location that is most convenient to them. This experience can be difficult to offer as an eCourse provider, but an LCMS makes the process easy.


#5. LCMS software allows instant communications.

Many early eLearning courses didn’t take into account how important it is for students to be able to communicate with their tutors and their peers. This kind of communication is a crucial part of a successful learning experience. An LCMS makes it really easy for students to partake in discussion online on their own terms. Voluxion offers a real community atmosphere to virtual learners, making it more likely that they will stay engaged in the course.


#6. Exhaustive student tracking.

Students can be confident that their tutors are keeping a close eye on how well they’re doing and which areas they may require extra help with. Tracking helps tutors to better support the learning needs of their students.


Want to know more about what Voluxion could offer your students? You can read the full specification and request a free consultation here.


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