The online learning sphere has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years, taking on a pivotal role in language education. Schools and language academies looking to attract students with online learning, and more importantly retaining them, should consider incorporating quality online courses such as Dexway, our specialised language brand. Dexway offers comprehensive courses to learn English progressively, in both face-to-face and online formats. New technologies such as educational platforms and artificial intelligence are creating great opportunities which schools can take advantage of.

Attract Students with Online learning

There are a many key new aspects of e-Learning to be aware of including:

  • the new ubiquitousness of multi device learning
  • the impressive functionality of the virtual classroom
  • the impressive scope of learning management software (LMS) and learning content management software (LCMS)
  • the growth in demand for distance learning
  • the convenience of cloud based learning software

All these aspects come together to contribute to two clear facts:

  1. There’s never been such high demand for online training courses
  2. It’s never been so easy to produce and host online training courses

Whether your organisation is a school, college, university, language school or corporate training facility, if you’re not already offering online learning and multi device learning opportunities; now is most certainly the time to attract students with online learning.


Why has online learning become so popular?

Online learning has become increasingly popular thanks to aspects such as convenience and flexibility. For example, students can access their online courses from anywhere and at any time, thus eliminating geographical barriers. Another reason for its high demand is that it facilitates compatibility with other commitments such as work, family life etc..

In addition to this, there is a wide variety of resources and interactive tools that enrich the learning experience and make it much more effective. Some examples of these would be a more practical approach, access to more complete and immersive content and mechanisms to encourage participation. These are just some of the features that differentiate it from traditional learning and contribute to the reason why it is gaining more and more followers every day.


#1. Convenience

One of the greatest advantages of e-learning is its convenience. In the modern world, people are extremely busy which makes it difficult for potential students to dedicate a specific time to attend a traditional face-to-face course. On the other hand, E-learning courses offer a very attractive alternative to this problem. Instead of having to commit to a predefined schedule, students can choose a course during where they can pop in and out of a class whenever it suits their own schedule.

To complete courses, students can choose to dedicate a couple of hours each week at a time that suits them best; perhaps at the weekend or in the afternoon after work or school, or even in the evening once their children are already in bed. Similarly, they can study in smaller, more frequent time slots, such as during their lunch hour or on the subway.

It is well known that the growth of multi-device learning makes it much easier for learners to make use of so-called ‘downtime’ that was previously unusable. By using a smartphone or tablet, students can access learning materials during ‘down times’ such as  when they are commuting or travelling, while waiting for meetings or appointments, or even while accompanying their children to after-school activities.

Even though convenience is a key contributor to the increase in popularity of online learning, it is not the only contributor.


# 2. Flexibility and choice

Flexibility and choice are also important factors. Traditionally, a prospective student’s geographical location would be the defining characteristic of their pursuit for learning and training opportunities because they would have to attend a course in person. However, online learning has changed this. Now, learners don’t have to limit themselves to training providers in their vicinity; instead, they can properly weigh-up all the benefits of a course such as teaching style, quality, digital resources, and teacher experience. As a result, your center not only opens its doors to your local area, but also to many other locations around the world. In turn, your business opportunities multiply due to an increase in enrollment.

Finally, it must also be mentioned that price has influenced the growth of online learning. For many students, the cost of face-to-face courses is sometimes unaffordable, whereas e-learning is often much more reasonable, as the cost of course delivery is significantly lower. As a result, this makes it possible for students who would not have been able to access traditional training or education to now take advantage of this experience.


#3. Access to interactive and immersive resources

By offering interactive and immersive content, success rates increase. These success rates are not only completion rates, but overall grades as well. Dexway courses are designed so that via the use of multimedia content and interactive activities, your students can strengthen their language skills more effectively.

Furthermore, Dexway does this in a comprehensive manner, without gaps, and with an objective-based syllabus that meets the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards for levels A1 to C1.

Another great advantage of this type of content is that it encourages students to spend more time on the platform in addition to just attending class. As the content is made up of immersive lessons, conversation groups and gamification, it offers students a rich experience by providing them with the necessary tools for a well-rounded online learning experience.


How will online training courses help you increase the scale of your reach?

Educational establishments rely on consistent student numbers for survival. If you are unable to maintain enrolments, you’ll likely find that your organisation is in trouble.

If you don’t already offer online training courses, introducing these can be an excellent way to boost sign ups and breathe new digital life into your organisation (to attract students with online learning).

They can do this by:

  • Welcoming new students from across the globe: there are no geographical limitations to online courses
  • Attracting busy students who wouldn’t be able to commit the time to enrol on a more traditional course. This type of student is likely to be particularly engaged by courses that offer multi device learning opportunities
  • Offering up a range of online training and multi device learning opportunities at a range of price points. Online learning platforms make it easy and inexpensive for educational organisations to introduce a range of full and introductory courses in order to give potential students a taster of what is on offer.


If your organisation is not currently offering online courses, but is interested in doing so in the future, why not read more about the benefits online learning can offer and on mobile devices?


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