The transformation that traditional education is undergoing with the introduction of new technologies and new methodologies in the language classroom requires a small effort by those in charge of language centers, schools and universities to adapt to this new reality. Not only is a shift in mentality necessary, but blended learning, online learning and language labs utilize a series of tools that are essential to unleash their potential.

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E-learning does not mean just uploading scanned PDFs to the cloud; many have tried to distort the image of online learning and yield incorrect results regarding the concept. It requires a lot more infrastructure than simply connecting to the internet. Online training is supported by LMS (Learning Management System) and LCMS (Learning Content Management System) platforms. These learning platforms digitize and automate all classroom tasks while offering students an immersive environment where they can interact with content, fostering a proactive and engaging attitude.


Tools for the 3.0 language classroom

LMS and LCMS platforms provide teachers and students with the tools needed to face the challenges of new educational approaches, such as online learning, blended learning or flipped classrooms. In particular, Voluxion—CAE Computer Aided E-learning’s specialized language platform—contains the most advanced tools for the language classroom. Together with Dexway language solutions, Voluxion reaches its greatest potential and offers maximum guarantees of compatibility and innovation.


#1 24/7 online and offline multi-device access

The Voluxion platform offers multi-device online access by allowing users to access the courses through the browser of any Windows, Mac, Android and iOS device. In addition, users of Dexway solutions—CAE’s language division—can access their courses offline by downloading the app for their respective device. That way, Dexway offers 24/7 course access anywhere in the world.


#2 Group or individual VCR

Voluxion integrates a virtual classroom to teach live classes (audio and video), connecting teachers and students remotely but directly. These can be group or individual classes. Voluxion + Dexway adds new specific opportunities designed for language learning to this virtual classroom, such as access to subject suggestions and lesson plans.


#3 Student community

The ability to access an online community makes it possible for many students to practice what they are learning at their own pace and on their own schedule. Voluxion offers a web 2.0 environment where students and teachers can participate in forums, message boards, work groups, earn achievements for participation, create friend lists, etc.

Active participation of students is encouraged. Centers, colleges and universities can add their students to the global Dexway community or create their own private community using Voluxion Pro.


#4 Schedule grids for booking classes

Voluxion and Dexway offer a specialized system for booking online classes that allows greater flexibility for centers and their teachers. In this system, the students themselves decide if a class will be individual or in a group, the level and which topics will be covered (as long as the center wishes to use this format).


#5 Continuous monitoring: partial and final evaluations

All the results of partial and final exams are collected to generate comprehensive performance reports. Students and teachers receive immediate feedback on course progress. This continuous monitoring includes course progress, time spent on the course, any extra activities students are participating in and other information that teachers can consult in any way.


#6 Automated evaluations (including the creation of tests)

Voluxion digitizes and automates the student assessment process by using automatic evaluations that allow students to access their results in real time. In addition, you can let Dexway create tests automatically, with different variations for students to prevent them from being able to copy from each other. This task would be far more time consuming to do manually.


#7 Conveniently share content and add it to the course (LCMS)

In its LCMS (Learning Content Management System), Voluxion allows you to add both SCORM/AICC content and your own materials (links, videos, audio recordings, exercises, etc.). With Dexway and its exclusive Authoring Tool, you can also create customized language courses without having to start from scratch, relying on Dexway and CAE’s resource libraries and R&D.


Thanks to all these tools, Voluxion and Dexway have become the best option for studying in language classrooms both online and face-to-face, with solutions such as Dexway Classroom Companion, the best traditional classroom supplement.


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