Technology is invading the field of education at an ever-increasing rate. Gone are those backpacks full of books and those blackboards always accompanied by their characteristic chalk. Time has passed and, with it, there have been many changes and advances in the field of learning. It is the era of tablets, iPads and digital training in the classroom.

The learning process has been effectively evolving in recent years. And so it is that online teaching both in schools, secondary education and complementary training has already become more than a reality. Devices such as tablets or iPads have already made an impact on schools and the traditional way of teaching. The reason? They are powerful tools that enrich training and knowledge through the use of an intuitive touch screen.

At CAE we are developers and providers of e-learning technology, so we consider that the use of technological devices such as tablets in the classroom is already essential at any educational stage. In this article, we will explain the advantages and benefits of these versatile instruments that are increasingly revolutionizing the landscape of modern instruction.

tablets in the classroom


Advantages of classroom learning with tablets

Tablets or iPads as a learning tool in the classroom, are they a distraction or a new interactive way to learn? If we had to opt for one of the two options, it would undoubtedly be the second.

Although there are some teachers or trainers who have apparently expressed concern about these devices when they consider putting them into use in the classroom, the truth is that it is difficult to overestimate the benefits they provide. More and more traditional classrooms are considering tablets for personal use as part of the curriculum.

In addition, it is not only schools or secondary education centers that use these tools. Language centers and companies, among other institutions, are also acquiring tablets or iPads to help with training in different languages ​​or with corporate training.

For all these reasons, we would like to share five advantages that tablets provide in educational training in general.


Intuitive and easy to handle

It does not matter how skilled you are with technology, as the use of a tablet will not pose a challenge. They are easy to use, even easier than desktop and laptop computers.

There are already many children who know how to use them. According to some studies, introducing this device in essential educational stages can improve the development of literacy and problem solving.


Direct communication and greater flexibility

Tablets in the classroom allow both students and trainers to be connected and in direct communication at any time. All notes, tasks or communications will be made and saved digitally, so it is difficult for them to get lost as can happen with hand-written notes.

In addition, teachers or educators will be able to follow the academic progress of students easily because they can access to monitor grades and the completion of assignments at any time and from anywhere.


Better completion rates and higher retention

These devices allow students to learn with material that is attractive to them in real time (videos, podcasts, multimedia resources…). In addition, students have instant access to individual research, a huge knowledge base is available at their fingertips (for example, the thousands of websites and videos that can show sample lessons). Bear in mind that, being a tool with Internet access, learning difficult topics will be much faster and easier.

Everything mentioned above facilitates better completion rates and higher retention thanks also to the fact that the content presented on the digital platform is brief and concise.


More individualized approach

With online learning through tablets or iPads, it is easier to adapt to the pace or interests of each student. The teacher can use the e-learning methodology to teach the same course in different ways, thus providing a more personal approach. For example, paragraphs of information can be dictated to a student who has dyslexia or has trouble concentrating for a long time.

In general, tablets present traditional information in a much more creative and interesting way, which can really help to integrate children with learning disabilities with everyone else.


Cheaper than textbooks

It seems like a lie, but it is reality! Tablets are a smart investment. Having to buy new books according to the study plan is outdated.

Now tablets can be updated with the latest versions of information allowing schools, language centers or companies to have a library of books to share with students or employees. In this way, both children and adults, regardless of the training they choose, have access to online learning and the opportunity to improve and increase their knowledge with relatively few problems.


CAE, your meeting point with e-learning evolution

We are leaders in the development of e-learning technology and specialists in e-learning training for companies and educational centers with the aim of making a wide range of online educational solutions available to any organization.

If as a center or company you are considering adapting your methodology to an online teaching format using digital devices such as tablets or iPads, at CAE we can help you with everything you need. In the event that you as an organization decide to move to a more digital classroom, you will need to train teachers on how to use the new systems.

If you want to receive more information and eliminate all kinds of limitations in face-to-face learning by using new technologies, contact us. Our extensive experience of more than 40 years projecting our know-how to the whole world makes us the perfect place to look for advice.


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