Continuous training in companies is a trend that has been taking its place in working lives for some time now. Thanks to resources such as e-learning for companies, businesses can offer their employees training programs and educational solutions with reduced costs and high performance.

Understanding the value of e-learning as a learning system helps to make the right decision on when, why and what to use it for. Let’s have a look at how this digital educational format helps companies to offer modern training courses that keep their employees up to date.

E-learning solutions for companies: courses for employees


E-learning for companies contributes to improving the organization’s objectives

The features of e-learning training make it an ideal option for companies interested in offering continuous training to their employees. The reduction in investment, the performance it offers or the constant updates to content are just a few of its benefits.


# 1 Reduce investment in training

All the content is digital. Employees do not have to travel to attend a specific course, avoiding the generation of additional costs associated with training outside the employee’s usual workplace as well as the time spent on travel. All you need to do is make periodic updates of the multimedia content and software when required by the platform.


# 2 Save time on dedication

The interactive and multimedia formats of e-learning content save time when compared to traditional content. The time spent on e-learning training in companies is also reduced and, above all, flexible, which allows workers to save a lot of time when participating in online training.


# 3 Provides new skills and expertise for the workforce

E-learning training is the perfect solution to equip your employees with more knowledge and abilities and so improve their performance. For a moderate price, companies can upgrade their employees’ skills and prepare them to take on new responsibilities without hiring new staff. In-house training also makes employees feel valued and motivated, which is more productive for the organization.


# 4 Creates standardized processes

E-learning for companies improves the learning process as these solutions facilitate standardized processes and consistency in content generation and access, reducing delivery time, communications and notifications, as all information and materials are online, accessible at all times.


# 5 Real-time access

E-learning training provides real, multi-device access. Your employees can access online courses anytime, anywhere. With the Dexway apps, your employees can work on the courses even if they’re offline, synchronizing content every 30 days so that they don’t lose the material they have already covered.


#6 Active, progressive and effective methodology

Your employees have access to interactive content and multimedia which enhances their study time by making it more efficient. CAE’s active, progressive and effective methodology improves student retention.

There is a wide variety of exercises, multimedia materials, videos, tests, etc. These modern, entertaining contents are conducive to learning and help each student to be successful in their training.


#7 Ordered, intuitive structure

The combination of multimedia content with a well-ordered structure creates a comprehensive and enriching experience. In addition, e-learning courses allow students to repeat lesson whenever they have doubts or want to improve in a particular module, something that they could not do so easily in a traditional class.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence virtual tutors also makes it easy to deal with doubts at any time during the lesson, without waiting.


#8 Personalized and individualized learning

Based on personalized and individual learning where workers can set the desired pace. As each person is different, the courses advance according to their individual needs, making it easy for each worker to set the pace of their own learning. This would not happen in a traditional classroom because it would slow down the pace of the group.


#9 Global learning process

It also makes the learning process truly global because e-learning is perfect for international use. Online courses are available in several languages and learners can participate from anywhere in the world. This means that multi-site companies can deliver the same courses in all locations and standardize their employees’ knowledge.


#10 Access to resources now and always

Thanks to e-learning, employees have continuous access to all the resources of an online course now and always and can also download the content and share it with other colleagues, promoting learning throughout the company, sharing added value.


#11 Conversation, cooperation and dialogue

Through e-learning educational platforms, spaces for conversation, cooperation and dialogue are created, such as chats and forums in which employees share knowledge by discussing topics of interest related to the online course. This encourages the exchange of knowledge, since learning communities are based on sharing what is learned with others.


#12 More sustainable

Online learning is environmentally friendly. Studies show that the creation, production and organization of online courses consume less energy for companies.


In conclusion, e-learning is changing the way people acquire knowledge thanks to its constant evolution and continuous improvement. Because it is cost-effective, efficient and flexible, e-learning for companies produces great results.


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