Online training is the methodology most used today for training in companies due to its flexibility and accessibility, and because of the reduction of time and costs for organizations. We live in a world where we are always connected, so the virtual classroom for companies has stopped being a novelty to become the most widespread educational model in the corporate sector.

Online training for companies should not exclusively imply that workers take an online course with interactive multimedia content but that it goes much further and offers them the possibility of receiving virtual classes with the highest quality and interactivity.

virtual classroom for companies


5 Advantages of the virtual classroom for companies


# 1 The virtual classroom for companies offers more resources and fewer limitations

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, today we can take virtual classes from our mobile devices whenever or wherever we want. The virtual classroom for companies has revolutionized the world of learning, it is a new way of acquiring knowledge with more resources and fewer limitations. The virtual classroom eliminates the barriers to train efficiently and in real time, with all the resources for learning.


# 2 The virtual classroom allows real communication between tutors and students

Teams in large companies increasingly prefer online training because it allows them to learn based on their availability, avoids losing time travelling to a school and saves on costs associated with training, such as materials, petrol, etc. Furthermore, online training offering individual learning and at the pace of each student is enriched with the virtual classroom, making the training much more personal and social.

On the one hand, employees receive real-time training with an image on the screen of their computers, interacting, asking, debating, etc; and on the other hand, they connect with other employees who are doing the training and they share their learning, experiences and collaborate with each other in a social way.


# 3 The virtual classroom facilitates the customization of online training

The online courses are a perfect solution for HR of large companies, as they offer a wide range of possibilities adapted to the needs of their teams. The online courses together with the virtual classroom for companies facilitate the complete customization of the training. Employees receive online classes through the virtual classroom in a personalized way while the teacher or tutor can share live applications, documents, videos, etc. with all the functionalities integrated in the learning platforms.


# 4 The virtual classroom is fully integrated in the E-learning platform

The virtual classroom is one of the most important resources within an e-learning platform. It must always be integrated so that users can access it at any time, from wherever they want. Users just must enter their e-learning platform and easily access the virtual classroom to connect to a class with their teacher or to connect with other students of the online course. All in the same virtual learning environment.


# 5 The virtual classroom for companies includes all the resources for a complete online class

The virtual classroom functionalities have also evolved including all the necessary resources for a 360º virtual class that not only allows communication with image, sound and bidirectional audio but also includes new options.

The virtual classroom also allows using the virtual whiteboard to show all class attendees any type of file, with no need for installations. Tutors can also allow their students to also see any element of their computer equipment or interact with any program or software they have open.

Conducting surveys and questionnaires during the session on the concepts learned and subsequently obtaining reports or statistics on the responses of all participants is also possible. The virtual classroom also allows you to record the sessions and include them in a repository or share them with employees who were unable to attend the virtual class for any reason.

Chat, forums, online work classrooms, and much more are some of its functionalities and they make the learning much more complete.


The virtual classes will promote teamwork in your company through social and cooperative learning. Online training of teams in the era of digitalization is key to the development of a company, and the virtual classroom is the perfect complement to a successful training that allows employees and managers to acquire new professional skills and abilities.


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