There’s no doubt that the eLearning market is on the up. Experts have forecasted that the industry will grow by 13% per year. This is an easy prediction to support considering just how many organisations have embraced online corporate learning. Indeed: 77% of American companies now offer online training to their employees.

Of course, there are many, many options on the market and it’s hugely important to find the right eLearning provider. Investing the time to look into different learning options could be the difference between offering your students or employees an excellent resource or a lacklustre one.

So how can you be sure to get it right?

Choose the Best eLearning Provider


#1. Consider what you really need from an eLearning provider

This is particularly key if you are looking for an LMS provider to provide a virtual classroom for the rest of your digital learning strategy. In order to ensure you find a system that meets all of your needs, it can be wise to address exactly what those needs are before you start looking for an LMS provider. This can also be helpful when searching for the ideal e-learning provider. If you have a strict list of non-negotiable needs set out before you start looking, you’re far less likely to invest in course provision that doesn’t fit the bill.

#2. Do your research

Setting aside a few hours to do some research can pay big dividends in the long term. Getting the right eLearning provider or learning management system on the first go will prevent a lot of administration headaches later on.

#3. Take note of the experience and prestige of the eLeaning provider

It is very important to consider the experience and prestige of the eLearning provider, because with more experience he will know better than anyone else how to respond to your needs and those of your customers, he will know very well the obstacles or problems that may arise and will be your best business partner. Wisdom and good work is achieved through experience.

#4. Check compatibility

It may sound obvious, but compatibility is something that’s often overlooked. Whether you’re looking for an eLearning provider or an LMS provider, it’s vital to consider how they will fit in with any provision your organisation already has. This is important to consider in terms of technical issues: will the new eLearning provider offer courses that will run within an existing LMS? It’s also wise to consider cultural compatibility: will the LMS provider or e-learning provider sit well topically with any existing face-to-face or online training?

It really is important to accept that not every eLearning or LMS provider offers the same quality service, the same periodical updates and benefits in its products. Setting time aside to look into all your options is well worth it.

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