With the support of a web platform, such as the one included with Dexway’s language courses, you can easily manage student registrations and optimize the class system to monetize resources. With Dexway solutions, you can set up schedule timetables for available classes, so that students decide for themselves when to attend and if they want to be in a group class or alone.

Language School

This can be done in several ways, and depending on the features, experience and specialization of the system, it will be more or less aimed at saving time, effort and money. At Dexway, we are expert advisers in platforms and e-learning content (online, blended, language labs) with a track record of 40 years in the sector. We have the most advanced and innovative tools so that your project offers all three benefits.


A web platform specialized in languages and free classes

What Dexway offers you: Dexway provides a cloud-based virtual campus exclusive to your center, with your own URL. From the LMS, you can manage your Dexway courses and all administrative tasks. If you have the Authoring Tool, you can create or customize your own courses.

Your students will have 24/7 access to an intuitive and easy-to-use environment using any web browser on any device with a network connection. In addition, students can install Dexway apps on their phones, tablets or computers to access their courses offline.

When a center does not utilize a web platform specialized in languages to manage classes, teachers must be available at all times. Managing class offerings, closing classes when they’re full and calculating registrations per student is very complicated. Furthermore, without a virtual classroom linked to registration, it is difficult to prevent a student from registering for a class that is not at their level.

How do free classes work?

Teachers establish which days and times they are available for either online or in-person classes 30 to 90 days in advance. Classes are planned at least a month in advance so that students have time to prepare themselves and the center has enough time to organize their teachers:

#1 When students accesses the schedule timetable, the days and times of classes along with the teacher are displayed.

#2 There are no levels or configurations.

#3 The first student to reserve a slot will determine the level of the class and whether it will be an individual or a group class.

#4 The slot will be hidden from the rest of the students who are not that level and only those who are at the same level as the first student will be able to see it.

#5 The system automatically keeps track of all the classes booked by each student, so when a student uses up the number of classes assigned to them, the system no longer displays any options on the timetable. However, once students have run out of their number of enrollments, you can establish VIP students who can take group classes that weren’t previously established by other students.

The Dexway LMS can be customized when class slots are no longer visible (maximum of 24 hours before, for example) so that teachers know their schedule in advance. When it comes to outside staff, it is important that they be able to confirm their schedules in advance. If enrollment is left open until the last minute, this means the teacher has to be available at that time, even if students don’t sign up.


We have continually strived to develop a whole series of content and courses aimed at the different student profiles and we’ve researched how to reduce unnecessary costs in schools, dedicating efforts to investments that would really increase the effectiveness and profitability of the center’s resources.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the e-learning sector and have earned several awards due to the innovation of our technologies and methodologies, making us stand out in a global market that is constantly evolving.

With a worldwide presence, Dexway solutions are much more than language courses, they are an integral solution for language learning that adapts to our customers’ needs and helps them find new options and utilize new technologies to break down barriers and increase profitability.


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