E-learning is a way of teaching that includes communication and information technologies as a key to the teaching and learning process. Because of growing importance of this type of learning, we at CAE wish to share with everyone, through our e-book, the knowledge and trends that are arising in response to the real market needs.

In this e-book on “Trends in the E-Learning Sector,” you will discover this new educational concept for a revolutionary way of learning that is now the predominant way of training for the future. This system has transformed education, opening doors to learning on both the individual and organizational levels. As new technologies are evolving, e-learning is changing and meeting new user needs – adapting to market demands.
E-book on trends in the e-learning sector

That is why, today, e-learning is becoming ever more prevalent and recognized within businesses and educational organizations. This method of learning provides a series of variables that other types of learning cannot, such as: flexibility, personalization, interaction, and cooperation. It covers a wide range of subject matters like languages, computers, business management and administration, marketing, sales, education, and much more.

E-learning technologies should include:

  • Collaborative tools
  • Responsive technology
  • Analytics
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Content management

The key to the success of our products at CAE and Dexway is that all our efforts are aimed at meeting the needs of every user and guaranteeing their evolution in the learning process – no matter what the subject matter is.

So, don’t think it over any longer and download our e-book for free now in order to discover even more about the advantages of e-learning. In the book, we’ll cover four main points:

  • Trends in technology
  • Trends in the way of learning
  • Trends in platform content
  • Trends in analysis[cta id=’9191′]