Educational platforms and eLearning providers need to be extremely future focused. Technology and training specialists must have a strong awareness of new trends and developments in the industry if they want their educational solutions to remain at the top of their game.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with what is new for technology and training specialists as well as educational platforms, let us help you stay up to date.

Here we’ve collected a selection of new education trends in eLearning for the season ahead.

Why is innovation in educational solutions and eLearning so important?

First of all, you may be keen to get a better understanding of why innovation is so important in the eLearning industry. High quality educational solutions have always been vital in civilised society, and that simple fact hasn’t changed as eLearning and blended learning have begun to play such a key role.

In order to keep providing the best possible opportunities to schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and leaners, it’s important for educational platforms such as the Voluxion Pro LMS and LCMS software packages to constantly be evolving.

As digital technology grows and develops, educational solutions providers need to work hard to harness it. They can do this by turning it into software packages that technology and training specialists can use to the advantage of their students.

One of the major benefits of cloud based software packages such as Voluxion Pro is that you are not buying a piece of static software. Rather, once you have made the investment in this software you will benefit from all future updates and developments without having to purchase new software every couple of years.

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What trends should you be looking out for in the coming seas


Want to know what technology trends you should expect to be incorporated into educational platforms in the near future?

Here are our predictions.

# 1. Gamification

Experts agree that learning through play is incredibly effective. Therefore, the logical progression from blended learning programmes and interactive content is for educational platforms to introduce more gaming-esque elements.

# 2. More intelligent use of data

Data is so important. The more closely you track student progress, the better placed you’ll be to take action when standards slip or a student needs extra teacher attention.

The intelligent use of data already plays a key role in CAE methodology, but we predict educational platforms will soon be rushing to catch up right across the board.

# 3. Contextualised learning and learning on the go

More and more educational solutions providers are realising the importance of building their courses around the needs of their learners, not the other way round. This can be seen in the drive towards blended learning teaching programmes and interactive content.

We think this is going to be pushed further as technology and training specialists will work towards providing educational solutions that can be accessed in bitesize chunks on completely their own schedule.

# 4. Responsive mobile learning

Mobile eLearning is already a very big part of what an LMS or LCMS system can offer educational organisations. CAE methodology and our Voluxion Pro LMS/LCMS software package already offers a smartphone and tablet app that gives learners access to interactive content whenever they need it.

Mobile learning accounts for an ever-growing share of the eLearning market. It is also an incredibly versatile tool to use for providing interactive content in blended learning settings. We think LMS and LCMS software development will continue to reflect this.

# 5. Interactive content for videos

Videos are getting a twenty first century makeover. New digital technology is making it possible for videos to become more interactive content. This means that learners will soon be able to communicate back to video content and ensure they get more out of it.

Technology and training specialists are exploring all the options for adding digital technology like this to educational solutions such as LMS and LCMS platforms.

# 6.Social learning

CAE methodology is already built very heavily around social learning. This is an area that seems to be growing very quickly as more and more technology and training specialists realise how key social learning and communication is to the learning process.

Our Voluxion Pro LMS and LCMS packages are great tools for online or blended learning course providers who want to ensure their students benefit from peer collaboration.

How do these trends affect CAE methodology?

CAE methodology is informed by what has been shown by technology and training specialists to be most effective for eLearning and blended learning students.

Our Voluxion Pro platform is designed to work for schools, colleges, universities, corporations and training providers who want to give their students the benefit of the most up-to-date technology the industry has to offer.

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