Voluxion is the Learning Management software, developed by CAE. It offers 100% integration, helping teachers to manage their language training easily.Teachers will not need advanced IT skills to use the Voluxion platform nor will they need a lengthy tutorial. The software and it´s options are very intuitive and easy-to-follow for any teacher or any age or speciality. Voluxion educational platforms are scalable and offer different growth and expansion options according to the tastes and requirements of each language center, school or business.

Voluxion LMS platform

There are two main platform packages, both offering a complete learning management solution specially developed for language training centers:

LMS Voluxion Standard

Voluxion Standard comes with all Dexway course versions. It provides a comprehensive global management solution for a training center´s complete learning offering.

#1. Easily manage your courses

Course providers can easily manage their timetables, course reservations and student attendance through Voluxion Standard. This gives any institution a global view of their courses as a whole. A valuable assets which means administration staff can organise teacher availability, manage class numbers and see which times are most popular.

Roles can be assigned to different staff members so each person has the correct tools and options for their specific responsibilities (administrators, tutors, supervisors, students).

#2. Students can switch between teachers

Voluxion Standard allows centers to organise individual or group classes. This means that students can have lessons with different teachers. This is beneficial for the student, as they have access to a variety of teaching styles, accents and course materials.

#3. Dynamic and interactive software

Using Dexway courses with Voluxion standard allows centers to seamlessly curate multimedia lessons across all language levels (according to CEFR standards). Develop dynamic and interactive training materials for e-learning, face-to.face and mixed (blended learning) formats.

For more information about Voluxion management solutions, please visit the Voluxion website to learn more.

Voluxion Pro learning-management system

LCMS Voluxion Pro

Voluxion Pro includes all the features from Voluxion Standard but also adds in some other great interactive tools.

#1. Virtual Classrooms

Voluxion Pro allows centers to create, program and organize virtual class timetables and classes. Students can choose their classes themselves in a virtual timetable. The teaching faculty can manage specific reservations or the free slots without any reservation. Class timetables are posted beforehand so students can sign up before the start date or at the beginning of the class if they haven’t signed up in advance.

The Voluxion Pro virtual classroom feature has in-built student monitoring as well as reporting for teachers so teachers can include marks or comments on student participation.

Level placement is another key issue when creating classes. Our system groups students of a similar level together, which saves valuable time for teachers. All this is done virtually.

Virtual Classrooms also have the option of integrated live teaching. A teacher can direct and teach a class as if it were in a real classroom. The virtual classrooms have a virtual whiteboard to share documents, videos, exercises or any application. Teachers can also record their classes or connect via Skype.

#2. Collaborative Work Groups

With Voluxion Pro, students have access to virtual spaces where they can share knowledge and real life experiences. This dynamic working environment builds on their social and collaborative learning.

The center or teacher can assign each class a group that allows them to work together after class, with or without teacher participation.

#3. Your own Virtual Community

Community is the heart of learning any language. And communication is at the heart of any community. With Voluxion Pro, teachers or centers are able to create a student community, which is exclusive to your center.
This feature includes the virtual classrooms option (VCR), to have live conversations or video conferences.

It´s an exclusive social network for your students and helps them improve their language skills in a more social and relaxed environment.

#4. Create your own language content with Authoring Tool

The new  Authoring tool, created by CAE, really allows teachers to make the most of their Classroom Companion courses.

This new feature, which is unique to the market, is specifically designed for content creation and the creation of scored tests. It allows teachers to design their own interactive content adapted to the needs of their students.

Giving the flexibility to combine different learning methods: online, face-to-face, and/or blended learning, flipped classroom, its an extremely powerful tool that will vastly enhance the success of language courses.


For a flexible solution, it´s only right to offer an intuitive management system that works with the teacher to enhance their courses. Dexway´s course version Classroom companion is a perfect combination and specifically designed to suit teacher needs and requirements. Use Classroom Companion with Voluxion Pro to really get the most out of your courses and the best out of your teachers.


Talk to one of our consultants about the benefits of the Authoring Tool (and Dexway Authoring Tool) or any other Voluxion feature or Dexway Course by making an enquiry here.


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