Knowing what station rotation labs have to offer is fundamental for putting this teaching model´s potential into practice and creating interactive learning environments that facilitate the development and practice of the different language competencies. Therefore, it is essential to research why this methodology promotes learning in an interactive, dynamic, effective, and quality environment that allows students to engage in the practice of speaking with other students and teachers, learning grammar, and practicing its use.

A station rotation lab is today a learning model that allows for the creation of an environment in which students can experience complete language immersion. Thanks to educational technology, the real protagonist is the teacher, who becomes responsible for everything as they have all the necessary tools to achieve interactive learning for the students in their class and, thus, to achieve full effectiveness. To fully understand this
tool, it is essential to understand the four pillars that a station rotation lab has to offer and, thus, know how to get the most out of this educational technique.

Benefits of the station rotation lab

The teacher is the true protagonist and the student learns while having fun.

Thanks to educational technology, the teacher has all the tools necessary to achieve interactive learning for the students in their class and, thus, to achieve full effectiveness. For this reason, these laboratories allow the teacher to set the guidelines for learning in the classroom, as well as the time that will be spent in the physical labs at the school.

Therefore, it is the teacher who directs and organizes the achievement of objectives, supported by a teaching guide that is provided by Dexway, known as the “Teacher Pack”; This guide allows teachers to adapt the content and activities of the courses, making them more effective while also helping to generate a learning experience that is both different and motivating – one that is based on participation, interactivity, and
collaborative learning.

Thanks to the role played by the teacher, the student is guided towards a natural model for learning the different language concepts – a model that is progressive. This allows the students to learn easily and to have fun while doing so, while improving their motivation.

Make the resources available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Online resources are available at any time, depending on the teacher, and can even be made available at all hours of the day. Thus, if students wish, this may increase the level of flexibility offered by their course.

In addition, resources are constantly available to ensure that they can be accessed in online mode.

Ensure that there is instant feedback and that it is clear for any teacher.

One of the most important benefits of the station rotation lab is that the tutor does not need to be present for the students to make progress, thanks to the importance taken on by the notion of "feedback." This instant feedback is very beneficial for teachers and students, as the teacher can receive feedback from the students and reinforce the objectives in accordance with the information obtained. Thus, classes and/or actions to undertake can be optimized.

No internet connection is needed, no instructor is required for use.

The courses come with a student guide and a guide for the teacher, although a teacher is not necessary as the courses are self-guided and easy to follow. Therefore, no training is required prior to use. In addition, the courses can be accessed via the internet or a local area network that requires internet access only for system installation and updates.

Discover how to take full advantage of a station rotation lab blended learning model, as well as the positive impact on the educational process that this methodology has for all those who are doing multimedia language courses. A station rotation lab blended learning approach provides added value and better learning results.

In this day and age, if you don’t understand the need of using a station rotation lab in schools you are missing out on a great opportunity. Discover why they are so effective in this e-book!

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